At a glance

VIAINVEST is an investment platform that allows to invest in asset-backed securities backed by loans originated by non-banking lenders - VIA SMS Group, its subsidiaries, and related companies.

Unlike traditional banking or investment service providers, VIAINVEST provides private investors with easy access to the non-banking lending sector.

  • Interest paid to investors € 13 406 475
  • Total loans funded € 501 011 528

How it works

  • Register.
    Fill out the registration form with the necessary information and become a client.
  • Deposit funds. To start earning, fund your investor account with SEPA payment from a bank account in any EU credit institution or electronic money institution.
  • Explore offers. We regularly publish new investment opportunities. Each is approved by Latvijas Banka the central bank of Latvia, with clear information and an ISIN number issued by NASDAQ CSD SE.
  • Invest and automate. Fully automate the investment process with Auto-invest feature, or remain in complete control with manual investments.
  • Earn interest and grow your capital. As loans are repaid, you will receive monthly payments of invested principal plus earned interest. When the securities are redeemed, your funds become immediately available.

Regulated means beneficial

  • Invest securely

    Securities and cash are protected up to 20 000 EUR by the investor compensation scheme, segregated asset holdings, and investment offers approved by Latvijas Banka.

  • Go large or go small

    Start as little as 50 EUR. When you are ready to go big, our wide range of offers allows for large investment opportunities.

  • Diversify your investments

    When you invest in asset-backed securities, you are investing in a diverse pool of loans, which balances your risk when compared to single loans.

  • Buyback obligation

    If a borrower fails to make a payment for more than 60 days, the loan originator is required to buy back the loan. You will receive the full principal and interest.

  • Enjoy zero fees

    At Viainvest we do not charge any fees for using the platform or investing. Enjoy great returns with zero commission.

  • Automate and be in control

    With our intelligent Auto-invest, you can completely automate the investing process. If you prefer to invest manually, it only takes a few clicks.

  • Regulated
  • Latvijas Banka the central bank of Latvia supervises compliance with EU laws and regulations made to protect investors, like MiFID
  • Securities are backed by the pool of loans
  • Using segregated accounts to safeguard investors' assets
  • Security ISIN codes provided by Nasdaq CSD SE
  • Securities and cash are protected up to 20 000 EUR by the investor compensation scheme
  • Appropriate product offering based on investor knowledge assessment
  • Safe environment monitored by market regulator
  • Other P2P loan platforms
  • Business integrity
  • A single loan investment
  • No requirement to hold separate accounts
  • Loans issued by platform
  • No state guarantee
  • Same investment product offers for everyone
  • Security procedures defined and monitored by the platform

Highlighted blog posts

IBF license. What do you need to know?

As the industry is shifting to a regulated and more transparent environment, we are beyond excited to announce that VIAINVEST is becoming a regulated ember of the finance market by acquiring the investment brokerage firm (IBF) license.

A new generation of investment products

Besides the stability offered by combining multiple loans into one, asset-backed securities represent a safer and more predictable outcome, as much like a typical bond, the income (interest) is realized at a fixed rate for a set amount of time until they mature. This allows investors to invest in a variety of income-producing assets without taking on the associated risks with a single-source loan.

Maturity term of single loans compared to asset-backed securities.

  • Asset-backed security repayment schedules remain similar to single loans.
  • Securities are still linked to the cash flow of consumer loans but not fully linked to their term.
  • When borrower repays the loan, the investor receives full principal repayment and interest before the security’s maturity.
  • A borrower may extend the loan, but the security’s final maturity cannot be extended.

Investing and withholding tax explained.

VIAINVEST is legally required to deduct the withholding tax from private investors’ interest income earned from investing in asset-backed securities. The current standard withholding tax rate is 20% of the interest income earned, however, this rate can be reduced down to 0% if any tax treaties are concluded between countries. Please note that withholding tax is applied only to the interest portion of the revenue, while principal repayments are not taxed. Read below to learn how to benefit from the reduced rates.

Where smart money meets smart investing

The content of this page is marketing communication. It shall not be treated as investment advice or independent research. Viainvest shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect loss resulting from the use of the provided information. Investing in financial instruments involves risk, and there is no guarantee investors will get back invested capital. Past performance does not guarantee future returns.

SIA Viainvest (registration number 40203015744, legal address: Roberta Hirsa iela 1, Riga, LV-1045, Latvia) is an investment firm licenced and supervised by the Latvijas Banka the central bank of Latvia. License number 27-55/2023/2. Financial instruments distributed by Viainvest and legal relations arising from them are governed by the law of the Republic of Latvia. The place of provision of Viainvest services is the Republic of Latvia, regardless of the investors' country of origin and residence.

Viainvest is a member of the national investor compensation scheme established under Directive 97/9/EC. The scheme protects investors by providing compensation if Viainvest fails to return financial instruments or cash to investors. The maximum compensation an investor can claim under the scheme is 90% of their net loss, up to a maximum of EUR 20 000.