VIAINVEST is a peer-to-peer marketplace for private lenders to invest into loans originating from non-banking lenders – the VIA SMS Group and its daughter companies. Portfolios of non-banking borrower requests mainly consist of consumer loan requests across Europe. Unlike traditional banking VIAINVEST offers private investors access to the non-banking lending sector.

How does VIAINVEST work?

VIAINVEST is based on a simple process - borrowers request funding from the VIA SMS Group, the active contract automatically appears on VIAINVEST making it available for public investment. Each investor has full control of how much he wants to invest, to whom and in which loan. VIAINVEST guarantees a transparent investment environment and full investor support at any time.

How can I create an investor account?

Our registration process is very simple – all you need to do is to fill in the registration form by providing your personal details and contact information. Register your investor account here!

How can I deposit money into my investor account?

Deposits to your investor account can be easily made by transferring funds to the following bank accounts:

Luminor Bank AS

Beneficiary name: Viainvest Ltd.

Beneficiary bank account number: LV09RIKO0002930337351

Beneficiary registration number: 40203015744

Beneficiary Bank SWIFT/BIC Code: RIKOLV2X

Beneficiary Bank Address: Skanstes street 12, LV-1013, Riga, Latvia

Payment details: Add funds to Investor account No. x

UAB Via Payments (VIALET)

Beneficiary name: Viainvest Ltd.

Beneficiary bank account number: LT903570020000000005

Beneficiary registration number: 40203015744

Beneficiary Bank SWIFT/BIC Code: VIPULT22XXX

Beneficiary Bank Address: Konstitucijos ave.7, Vilnius, Lithuania

Payment details: Add funds to Investor account No. x

Your payment will be processed within 2 work days.

The first payment can be made either from bank account opened within the EU credit institution or electronic money or payment institution that complies with such criteria:

  • it is registered and licensed in the EU
  • funds are being transferred as SEPA payment
  • the payment is done from your personal IBAN and it is identifiable from payment details
  • we will be able to identify your personal details (name, surname) from the incoming payment.
  • What currencies can be deposited to my Investor Account?

    Deposits to the VIAINVEST account can be accepted only in EUR.

    Who can become an investor?

    Both private and legal entities are welcome to invest with VIAINVEST.

    To begin investing as a private individual, you must be at least 18 years old and hold a tax residency within one of the European countries or Switzerland. In order to start investing feel free to complete the registration process and make the first deposit to your VIAINVEST investor account. If personal information stated in your investor profile matches the bank information of the person transferring funds to the VIAINVEST platform, the investor profile becomes active and you are able to start investing.

    Similar requirements also apply to the legal entities – to start investing, the legal entity must register to open the investor account and make the first deposit. If the information provided upon registration matches the company information appearing when transferring funds, investor account is confirmed.

    Are there any fees for using VIAINVEST?

    No, investors are charged no additional fees for investing within VIAINVEST.

    How can I change my bank account details?

    To change your bank account number you need to transfer at least EUR 0.01 from the new account to our bank account for verification purposes. Please state the following text in the section "Payment details": Change bank account No. for the Investor account No. *******. Please note that you can only switch to the account opened in the bank, electronic money institution or payment institution registered and/or licensed in European Union.

    When and how can I withdraw my funds?

    You are able to withdraw your inactive funds (funds not assigned to an active contract) that are listed in your investor profile as “Available funds”. As User Agreement states that main currency of operations on the platform is EUR, withdrawals also can be requested only in EUR.

    When requesting a withdrawal you will be asked to scan or the photo of your identification document (passport or ID card), hence ensuring the compliance to provisions of applicable anti-money laundering and terrorism financing laws. The scan or copy must be clearly legible and contain all necessary information – the main page for the passport or both sides for the ID card.

    Are there any limitations on investment amount?

    The minimal amount for one investment is EUR 10.

    What is the difference between types of loans available for investments?

    Currently, VIAINVEST lists 4 types of loans:

    Short-term loan - fixed-term consumer loan with maturity that varies between 7 to 30 days. The borrower is required to repay full loan amount within the set loan term or to extend the loan term. In the case of delay the Buyback Guarantee comes into the force on the 61st delayed day.

    Installment loan - a consumer loan with a maturity that varies from 3 to 12 months. The borrower is required to repay the loan within the set term by making constant monthly payments. In the case of delay the Buyback Guarantee comes into the force on the 61st delayed day.

    Credit line - a consumer loan with an open-ended agreement. The borrower may choose the repayment terms - either to repay full loan amount after 30 days or to make monthly payments until the full amount borrowed is repaid. The borrower may also raise the loan amount during the repayment process. In the case of delay the Buyback Guarantee comes into the force on the 61st delayed day.

    Business loan - a business loan issued to the legal entity for business development project. Business loans offer higher risk degree investment opportunities and are NOT secured with the Buyback Guarantee, however, there may be another type of security provided, for example, collateral.

    What is the Buyback Guarantee?

    The Buyback Guarantee is an investment security that guarantees loan originator intent to repurchase the active loan contract if it has been delayed for more than 60 days. The Buyback Guarantee is given at a particular loan level and refers to the obligations the loan originator has towards the investor.

    Loans secured with the Buyback Guarantee are marked with a Buyback Guarantee icon . Information about loan security can be found in each of the “Loan profile” pages.

    Please note that the Buyback Guarantee does not apply to business loans.

    What is the function of Initialize Buyback button?

    The Initialize Buyback function allows the investor to cancel his investment in any extended or long-term loan after 120 days since the investment date. Activating manual Buyback does not affect other investors who have invested into this loan.

    Please note that Initialize Buyback button is not available for business loans.

    Do you have a referral program?

    Yes, we do have such a program available for those who are willing to attract new investors to our platform. You can find out everything you need about our partners' program here: viainvest.com/partners

    Are investments with VIAINVEST safe?

    Brand VIAINVEST is operated by the legal entity Viainvest Ldt. that is registered in the Republic of Latvia and supervised by the Customer Rights Protection Centre of the Republic of Latvia and the State Revenue Service of the Republic of Latvia. VIAINVEST is a part of VIA SMS Group – an alternative financial services provider operating across Europe. More information as well as Group financial reporting is available at www.viasmsgroup.com .

    How can I get in touch with VIAINVEST?

    In case of any questions, you can easily get in touch with our customer support team by the phone: +371 66102939 or e-mail: support@viainvest.com. Our team will be happy to address any issues in Latvian, Russian or English.