Business development project details

  • Objetivo del proyecto: Financing of lending business
  • País del proyecto: Vietnam
  • Prestatario: VIA SMS Group
  • Plazo del préstamo: 24 meses
  • Colateral: No
  • Total interest rate*: hasta 14% *

*Return consists of two component compensation model - 12% interest paid on the monthly basis and 2% paid at the loan maturity reaching the total return of 14%.

Detalles del proyecto de desarrollo

  • Objetivo del proyecto: Desarrollo inmobiliario
  • País del proyecto: España
  • Emisor del préstamo: VIA SMS Group
  • Prestatario: BCN investment Ltd.
  • Plazo del préstamo: 24 meses
  • Colateral:
  • Total interest rate*: hasta 12%*

*Annual interest rate is calculated according to the two component model - guaranteed annual interest rate set to 8% plus bonus at the end of the agreement. More information on interest rate calculation is available in the business loan profile.