I’ve been investing on Viainvest for over 5 years now, and I only had good results with the platform. The platform is fully regulated, with yields above 13%, and on top of that the platform is really easy to use. I really recommend having this platform in your investment portfolio.


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How it works

Regulated means beneficial

  • Regulated
  • Latvijas Banka supervises compliance with EU laws and regulations made to protect investors, like MiFID
  • Securities are backed by the pool of loans
  • Using segregated accounts to safeguard investors' assets
  • The security issuance is overseen by the NASDAQ CSD SE
  • Investor protection scheme of up to EUR 20 000
  • Appropriate product offering based on investor knowledge assessment
  • Safe environment monitored by market regulator
  • Other P2P loan platforms
  • Business integrity
  • A single loan investment
  • No requirement to hold separate accounts
  • Loans issued by platform
  • No state guarantee
  • Same investment product offers for everyone
  • Security procedures defined and monitored by the platform

Safe and reliable investments

* This is a marketing communication and in no way should be viewed as investment research, advice or recommendation to invest. There is no guarantee to get back the invested amount. Past performance of financial instruments does not guarantee future returns. Investing in financial instruments involves risk. Before investing, consider your knowledge, experience, financial situation and investment objectives. Read more here.