Frequently asked questions

General information about our platform


VIAINVEST is a peer-to-peer marketplace for private lenders to invest into loans originating from non-banking lenders – the VIA SMS Group and its daughter companies. Portfolios of non-banking borrower requests mainly consist of consumer loan requests across Europe. Unlike traditional banking VIAINVEST offers private investors access to the non-banking lending sector.

How does VIAINVEST work?

VIAINVEST is based on a simple process - borrowers request funding from the VIA SMS Group, the active contract automatically appears on VIAINVEST making it available for public investment. Each investor has full control of how much he wants to invest, to whom and in which loan. VIAINVEST guarantees a transparent investment environment and full investor support at any time.

How can I create an investor account?

Our registration process is very simple – all you need to do is to fill in the registration form by providing your personal details and contact information. Register your investor account here!

How can I deposit money into my investor account?

Deposits to your investor account can be easily made by transferring funds to the following bank account:

Bank: Swedbank

Beneficiary name: SIA "ViaInvest"

Beneficiary bank account number: LV08HABA0551042253267

Beneficiary registration number: 40203015744

Beneficiary Bank SWIFT/BIC Code: HABALV22

Beneficiary Bank Address: Balasta dambis 15, Rīga, LV-1048, Latvija

Payment details: Add funds to Investor account No. xx

Your payment will be processed within 2 work days.

For investor identification purposes the first payment must be transferred from the personal investor bank account operating within European Union.

What currencies can be deposited to my Investor Account?

Investor Account can be opened only in EUR, but VIAINVEST accepts deposits in all currencies. Payments received in currencies other than EUR will be converted to EUR according to the Swedbank currency exchange rates.

Who can become an investor?

Both private and legal entities are welcome to become investors at VIAINVEST. To begin private investments as an individual, you must be at least 18 years old, must complete the registration process and make the first deposit to your VIAINVEST investor account (VIAINVEST accepts payments only from banks within the European Union). If personal information stated in your investor profile matches the bank information of the person transferring funds to the VIAINVEST platform, the investor profile becomes active and you are able to start investing.

Similar requirements also apply to the legal entities – to start investing, the legal entity must register to open the investor account and make the first deposit. If the information provided upon registration matches the company information appearing when transferring funds, investor account is confirmed. Payments made by legal entities are also accepted if transferred from the bank operating within the European Union.

Are there any fees for using VIAINVEST?

No, investors are charged no additional fees for investing within VIAINVEST.

Are there any taxes applicable to my income generated on VIAINVEST?

As income generated on VIAINVEST is a subject of Withholding Tax, VIAINVEST offers investors to choose 2 ways how these commitments can be handled:

1. Withholding Tax can be applied to the income generated on VIAINVEST within the platform. If the investor does not provide required documents and agrees that his income will be taxed within the platform, no additional actions are required. Income generated on the platform will be taxed according to the legislation of the loan origin country.

2. For Withholding Tax not to be applied to the income within the platform, the investor must take full responsibility of handling these commitments by himself and provide (upload to the investor profile) the copy of personal Tax Certificate issued by the tax authority of the country of investor's residence. Tax Certificate must be provided before making any investments. If the certificate is not provided all earnings will be taxed in accordance with the appropriate Double Tax Treaty. If the Tax Certificate is uploaded after some investments are made, previously withheld taxes will not be returned to the investor. Only investments that are made after the upload of the Tax Certificate will not be taxed on the platform.

To receive Tax certificate, please get in touch with your local Tax Authority. To provide appropriate Tax certificate, please note that income generated on VIAINVEST are paid to investors by loan originators, not the platform itself. Tax Certificate confirms the existence of Double Taxation Convention between the country of investor tax residence and loan origination country/-ies (in this case - Czech Republic, Spain, Latvia). Without a Tax Certificate all earnings will be taxed in accordance with the legislation of the loan origin country - if the loan origin country is Czech Republic - Withholding Tax is 15%, if Spain - 19%, if Latvia – 23%.

What information do I need to state in my Tax/Residence Certificate?

Tax/Residence Certificate has to include the following mandatory information:

1. Tax Payer Identification Number (depending on the country also referred to as Personal Identification Number, Personal (Identity) Code/Number, National Identification Number, National Identity Number, National Insurance Number),

2. Loan origination countries - Spain, Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland (this information must be stated in the line confirming existing of the Double Taxation Convention between investor tax residence country and loan origination country),

3. Loan originator addresses. If remuneration debtor addresses are required, please state addresses of loan originators, not VIAINVEST itself. Please use these addresses:


    Registration No. (NIF): B66402868

    Josep Tarradellas 8-10,

    Ático 3ª 08029 Barcelona

  • Czech Republic - Via SMS s.r.o.

    Registration No. (IČO): 24720275

    Lazarská 1719/5, 110 00 Praha 1,

  • Latvia - VIA SMS Ltd.

    Registration No.: 40103259867

    13. janvāra iela 3, Rīga, Latvija, LV - 1050

  • Poland - VIA SMS PL Sp. z o.o.

    Registration No. (KRS): 0000367773

    Al. Jerozolimskie 123A; 02-017 Warszawa

How can I change my bank account details?

To change your bank account number you need to transfer at least EUR 0.01 from the new account to our bank account for verification purposes. Please state the following text in the section "Payment details": Change bank account No. for the Investor account No. *******

When and how can I withdraw my funds?

You are able to withdraw your inactive funds (funds not assigned to an active contract) that are listed in your investor profile as “Available funds”. As User Agreement states that main currency of operations on the platform is EUR, withdrawals also can be requested only in EUR.

When requesting a withdrawal you will be asked to upload the scan or the photo of your identification document (passport or ID card), hence ensuring the compliance to provisions of applicable anti-money laundering and terrorism financing laws. The scan or copy must contain all necessary information – the main page for the passport or both sides for the ID card.

Funds withdraw can be made to the private investor bank account from which the first deposit was made.

Are there any limitations on investment amount?

The minimal amount for one investment is EUR 10.

What is the Buyback Guarantee?

The Buyback Guarantee is an investment security that guarantees loan originator intent to repurchase the active loan contract if it has been delayed for more than 30 days. The Buyback Guarantee is given at a particular loan level and refers to the obligations the loan originator has towards the investor.

Loans secured with the Buyback Guarantee are marked with a Buyback Guarantee icon . Information about loan security can be found in each of the “Loan profile” pages.

What is the function of "Initialize Buyback" button?

The function of initializing a Buyback allows investors to activate a Buyback Guarantee in case a borrower has extended the loan for more than 90 days. For example, if the active loan contract has been extended several times and a total amount of days has reached 90, the button "Initialize Buyback" will automatically appear on the corresponding loan profile on the 91st day and the investor will be able to manually initiate a Buyback Guarantee. Please note that once a Buyback Guarantee is activated for some part of the loan (the amount invested by the particular investor), it will be automatically applied to all other investments (made by other investors) in this loan due to nature of the investment structure. Invested principal and interest earned will be automatically returned to accounts of all those investors who have invested in the particular loan.Once the button "Initialize Buyback" is pressed, a sign "Buyback in progress" will appear. A Buyback Guarantee will come in force at 9 am next day.

How can I get in touch with VIAINVEST?

In case of any questions, you can easily get in touch with our customer support team by the phone: +371 66102939 or e-mail: Our team will be happy to address any issues in Latvian, Russian or English.