What is auto-invest?

Auto-invest permits you to set rules for the platform to be used as the basis for all automated future investments. After you have set your preferred rules (e.g. loan term, interest, investment amount, etc.) our system will automatically make investments in loan contracts matching your rule set once they become available on the primary loan market. Auto-invest settings can be easily changed or stopped at any time by accessing your investor profile. Auto-invest allows you to save time and make investment process more effective but does not exclude an opportunity to make manual investments in parallel. You can also diversify your investments by creating several auto-invest portfolios.

How to create an auto-invest portfolio?

To create an auto-invest portfolio you need to access your Investor Profile and navigate to section “Auto invest”. In this section, you are able to create an auto-invest portfolio by defining your investment rules that suit your risk threshold. The newly created auto-invest portfolio will appear in your profile's “Auto invest” section where you will be able to edit, activate/deactivate or delete it at any time.

Can I also invest manually if I have an auto-invest portfolio?

Yes, you are also able to make manual investments in parallel with an active auto-invest portfolio.

Can I cancel my auto-invest portfolio?

Yes, your auto-invest portfolio can be deactivated at any time. Don’t worry, your rules set will be saved on your “Investor Profile”. If existing auto-invest portfolio no longer meets your needs it can be easily deleted.