How to invest?

In order to begin investing you need to meet the minimum 2 requirements:

  • have an account on VIAINVEST,
  • have available funds on your VIAINVEST account.

There are two options how to make investments:

  • Manual investing – control what loan contracts you would like to invest into and how much:
    1. browse the loans contract listing currently listed on VIAINVEST in the primary market section and pick and choose how you want to build your portfolio,
    2. make full or partial investments into selected listings.
  • Auto-investing – save the time and invest into several loan contracts at once by letting the auto-invest feature to do the work for you:
    1. set the preferred criteria for your auto-invest portfolio,
    2. take your earnings and reinvest them into other loan contracts,
    3. fully automate the investment process without having to log in, manage your investments by changing auto-invest criteria or cancelling this option at any time.

In what currencies can I make an investment?

Currently investments are accepted in EUR.

Can I cancel my investments?

Unfortunately, approved investments cannot be cancelled. To get your funds back you need to wait until the loan agreement is closed or a Buyback Guarantee is activated.

What happens in case of borrower late or non-payments?

If the loan secured with the Buyback Guarantee is late for more than 30 days, the loan originator will repurchase particular loan at the nominal value of outstanding principal plus accrued interest income.