What Is Diversification and Why Is It Important?

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Peer-to-peer investments inherently carry some risks. Any portfolio no matter how well set up has those same risks, but not always to the same degree. The difference? Diversification. For investors that want to keep their return expectations high while minimizing risks, diversifying their options is one of the best ways to take advantage of P2P investments. Continue reading What Is Diversification and Why Is It Important?

How Much Money Do You Need to Retire?

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It’s the age-old question, yet with each rising generation it never loses its luster: How much money do you need to retire? The answer comes down to several factors, ranging from the type of living you earn, the size and diversification of your investment portfolio and/or pension scheme, and the lifestyle you seek to maintain following your career swan song. It’s very likely that in addition to any pension-related income you may be entitled to that you may want to bolster your retirement savings through additional streams such as peer-to-peer (P2P) investing. Continue reading How Much Money Do You Need to Retire?

Personal Finance Blogs Worth Checking Out

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When it comes to finances, it’s always good to get a second (or third, or fourth!) opinion on where you should be investing your money. If you’re seeking investment advice or want a fresh take on an investment opinion or decision, reading investment blogs can be extremely eye-opening.

There are a lot of investment blogs out there these days. In this post, we’ll look at some of the top favorites. Continue reading Personal Finance Blogs Worth Checking Out

How to Save Money So You Can Invest

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There have never been more opportunities to invest your hard-earned money than there are today. Mobile investment apps such as Robinhood have taken the internet by storm, making it possible to buy and sell assets with the click of a button.

But without learning how to save money first, it will be extremely difficult if not impossible to capitalize on any investment opportunity. Before you are in a position to allocate even 1% of your budget to investments, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve socked away enough money for a rainy day so that it won’t cramp your lifestyle. Continue reading How to Save Money So You Can Invest

VIAINVEST Adds A New Loan Type to its Portfolio

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As the end of the year is approaching unbelievably quickly, we are thrilled to announce that our parent company VIA SMS Group has just launched a new business direction, and is now offering business loans intending to finance various business ventures. That’s not all – from now on business loans issued by the Group will be available for investments on VIAINVEST. Continue reading VIAINVEST Adds A New Loan Type to its Portfolio

Which Investments Have the Best Returns?

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The idea of making money while you sleep doesn’t have to be a dream. With the right investment strategy, it can be your reality with your hard-earned money constantly generating greater wealth for you with moderate to high returns.

The question most investors have is, where should I invest? Which investments are going to have the best returns for me now and in the future? Continue reading Which Investments Have the Best Returns?

Where to Invest Money to Get Monthly Income

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Even if you have a 9-5 job, you may be wondering how to think outside of the box to create multiple income streams. You’re not alone, as many people are wondering where to invest money to get monthly income. In fact, there’s even a name for it — passive income — and it could make the difference between pursuing your dreams and remaining stuck at your day job for the rest of your career.

The beauty of passive income is that it keeps working for you even when you are not working for it, like peer-to-peer investments. On the other hand, don’t let the “passive” in passive income fool you, either. There are some investments that will command more legwork than others, such as purchasing real estate as a rental property. After a while, you might be able to kick back but it probably won’t happen overnight. Continue reading Where to Invest Money to Get Monthly Income

VIAINVEST Unveils a Fresh New Look

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As many of you may have already noticed, VIAINVEST has experienced some long-anticipated visual changes. Over the past few months, our design team has worked long and hard on giving VIAINVEST a fresh new look. As the saying goes, change is inevitable, and there is no industry more prone to change than fintech, isn’t it? So, we decided to embrace it in our special way.

Continue reading VIAINVEST Unveils a Fresh New Look

Overcoming Your Fear of Investing

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Those who are new to investing often experience a strong sense of trepidation and fear. After all, when your idea of “investing” involves crazed London Stock Exchange investors screaming to buy and sell, or memories of past stock market crashes, who wouldn’t be scared to invest?

These extremes don’t paint the real picture of what it’s like to invest, however. The typical investor is an everyday person who keeps a patient watch over the market. It’s also good to know that over the past eighty years, the stock market has returned an average of 9 percent on an annual basis. Continue reading Overcoming Your Fear of Investing

Fintech – Europe’s Largest Investment Category

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European startups operating in the financial technology field are currently the ones getting the largest share of venture capital investment, taking a 20% of the total – a substantial percentage that is higher than in Asia and the US. This is a conclusion we can come to when looking at the report released last week by Dealroom and Finch Capital, titled “The State of European Fintech, 2019 edition”, where fintech market is analyzed by taking in consideration the evolution that’s been occurring over the past six years. Continue reading Fintech – Europe’s Largest Investment Category