Facebook’s Coin: Cheat Sheet

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In the last part of June, the world of fintech was hit by a storm with Facebook, Inc. announcing its own cryptocurrency called Libra. If you follow what’s happening with startups and in the crypto space, you might already know that and, you’ve also probably seen a countless number of articles with the most disparate opinions around it, with experts saying that it would either make cryptocurrencies mainstream, while taking advantage of the huge 2.4 billion users registered on Facebook, or at the opposite – that this might be a bad thing for the development of crypto; that this could prove to be helpful for financial inclusion or again, on the contrary – that this could turn out to be a serious threat for people’s privacy and financial stability, a concern that’s been expressed by different central banks and governments. Continue reading Facebook’s Coin: Cheat Sheet

Renting vs. Buying a Home: When and Why One May Be Better Than the Other

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Most of us have been told that it’s better to buy than to rent a home. Rent money tumbles down a massive black hole while mortgage payments build equity and financial security. Owning a home offers greater stability while renters outside of rent-controlled areas may find themselves forced to pay ever increasing rents—or the increases may eventually force them out of their beloved rental property.

But times have changed. The cost of real estate in major cities has skyrocketed to exorbitant prices. Contrary to popular belief, paying rent is also not akin to “throwing your money away.” Continue reading Renting vs. Buying a Home: When and Why One May Be Better Than the Other

The Top Healthy Everyday Finance Habits of Wealthy People

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One of the greatest misconceptions about the wealthy and elite are that they were all born into it. While many may have been, surprisingly, many have not.

In any event, those who are currently living off of their family’s legacy still have parents, grandparents, great grandparents and beyond who earned that fortune for them, so it’s important to recognize that wealth is accessible to anyone.

The key is to be smart about it. While we can’t promise that you’ll become a millionaire overnight with these healthy finance habits, we can guarantee a steady and gradual return on your hard-earned dollars. Continue reading The Top Healthy Everyday Finance Habits of Wealthy People

Are Big Tech Companies a Problem for Financial Stability?

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Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde recently gave an insightful speech at the G20 seminar on financial innovation – Our Future in the Digital Age – hosted in Fukuoka, Japan. Ms. Lagarde talked about the defining moment for Asia and the rest of the world in terms of adapting and regulating financial innovation. In her speech she also highlighted some of the largest potentialities of fintech, mentioning financial inclusion as one of them, while also raising some concerns about the stability of the financial system, especially with the turmoil that the entrance of big tech firms, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple, can cause. Let us take a look at some of the other key points that she touched in her opening remarks.  Continue reading Are Big Tech Companies a Problem for Financial Stability?

How to Wisely Manage Your Retirement Savings

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Saving for retirement may not be the most exciting or glamorous task. But the money you save now will give you greater control and freedom in the future.

When most people think about saving for retirement, they think about pensions, tax-advantaged/personal retirement savings plans, and government assistance. If you really want to grow your money, however, it is worth looking into other additional or supplemental investment options. Continue reading How to Wisely Manage Your Retirement Savings

VIAINVEST Sets One Interest Rate for All Loan Originators

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VIAINVEST has announced changes affecting its interest rate policy by  introducing one interest rate to all loan originators set to 11% annually. This newly established interest rate will be applied to all loans published on the platform, starting from 13.06.2019. These changes will allow VIAINVEST to offer 2 times bigger loan portfolio with beneficial 11% annual interest rate, and will also raise average interest rate on the platform while making investment portfolio diversification easier. Continue reading VIAINVEST Sets One Interest Rate for All Loan Originators

Top Fintech Events of Q3 2019

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Time is flying and yet another amazing summer has already started. While it’s a season when it is more than okay to slow down a bit and have some time off, it is also a good time to get inspired and recharged, for example, by attending some very cool events, and planning the schedule for the upcoming months as well. Here we have prepared a selection of some of the best fintech events taking place in the next quarter around the world. Pick your favorites, and get ready to pack your bags. Continue reading Top Fintech Events of Q3 2019

Investing Your Emergency Fund—Yes or No?

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Life is all about the unexpected, and our finances are certainly not immune. Unforeseeable expenses like medical bills, auto repairs, and fixing up a home can take a devastating bite out of our budgets.

One answer to this problem is to have a stash of emergency cash set aside to help shield us from the negative effects of these unanticipated events. But is an emergency fund always the way to go? Continue reading Investing Your Emergency Fund—Yes or No?

The Best Fintech Reports of 2019

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Fintech has not lost its momentum, and we can see it convincingly continuing its triumphal march further down the road with new startups, more investments and more concrete use cases. For those of you who are into fintech, we drew up a list of some of the best reports of 2019 covering the evolution of the financial technology market, published by some of the top companies whose names are very well known worldwide. Continue reading The Best Fintech Reports of 2019