Fintechs Flock to Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania

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It’s no secret that the Baltic nations are considered a hub for fintech activity. This is especially true in the wake of Brexit, given the compliance and regulatory uncertainty surrounding financial services between the U.K. and the European Union. Entrepreneurs need more clarity. Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania are increasingly bridging that gap, thanks to a culture of nurturing tech innovation and embracing digitization that in many ways have made the Baltics the envy of the world.

Fintech is the intersection of finance and technology. It is a sector that looks to tech to make financial services better and more intuitive for consumers and businesses alike. The sector has disrupted legacy financial systems by leaning into what consumers want and the way in which merchants and entrepreneurs can deliver. The Baltics take the lead in areas like peer-to-peer (P2P) investing, where the region has the largest slice of the market in the EU, with France in a distant second. Continue reading Fintechs Flock to Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania

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