The eagerly anticipated financial statements have been published

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The parent company of the VIAINVEST investment platform, VIA SMS Group, has released two sets of financial statements: Audited Consolidated and Separate Financial Statements for 2021 and Unaudited Consolidated and Separate Financial Statements for the year 2022.

By publishing these financial statements, VIA SMS Group maintains its commitment to transparency and accountability by informing investors and stakeholders about the company’s financial performance. The financial statements provide an overview of the financial position and performance of the entire group.

Read complete reports here:

Did you know?

To ensure that investors have access to the latest and most relevant info, financial reports for all loan originators can be found in the respective Base Prospectus approved by Latvijas Banka, the central bank of Latvia: Disclosures | VIAINVEST

It means that investors can access information about each loan originator even if Audited Consolidated and Separate Financial Statements are not published on the Group’s website yet.


VIAINVEST investors have used to await and look into the parent company’s VIA SMS Group statements. However, as a regulated platform, VIAINVEST now has its own obligations. One of the essential obligations imposed is the requirement to publish financial statements on a regular basis. As a result, the VIAINVEST team will issue the platform’s audited annual financial statements this year and in the future. Investors will have access to the platform’s financial statements for 2022 in April 2023.

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