Looking for safe and profitable investments?

Looking for safe and profitable investments?

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We are sure that this is not the first time when you hear about peer-to-peer lending Рthe world is witnessing how fintech companies are leading the phenomenal shift from traditional banking products to easy-to-use and effective alternative financial services. VIAINVEST is a clear example of how investing has become easier than ever Рwe have built an accessible peer-to-peer lending platform that offers investors an opportunity to earn up to 12% annually by investing in short-term consumer loans originated across Europe. All loans listed on VIAINVEST are secured with a Buyback Guarantee, and we charge 0 for using the platform. Moreover, you have a full control over how much you want to invest, in which loan and how Рeither manually or with the auto-invest option. What does it take to build reliable and user-friendly peer-to-peer lending platform? Sure, mind-blowing vision, excellent IT team, and fancy design are the must, but from the perspective of VIAINVEST, the most important component is user feedback.

It’s been 2 months since launching VIAINVEST, but we are still working to improve our investor experience and are extremely happy to receive any feedback that would help us to build investor-friendly and easy-to-use peer-to-peer lending platform!

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