Meet the VIAINVEST team: Eduards Lapkovskis, Member of the Board

Meet the VIAINVEST team: Eduards Lapkovskis, Member of the Board

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Not that long ago an idea of advanced multiproduct alternative finance company was only a vision in Eduard’s mind. Now, more than 7 years later he leads fast-growing alternative financial services provider VIA SMS Group currently operating in 5 countries and has recently launched completely different product from ones offered before – peer-to-peer lending platform VIAINVEST.

Why did you choose to enter peer-to-peer lending market?

We are stepping into the new era of fintech where competition and increasing customer demands require potential to change quick and offer innovative, even revolutionary products and services. We have always tried to provide more convenient alternatives to the traditional banking services and VIAINVEST in comparison with bank investment products is offering great benefits not only to experienced investors but also to each individual that is looking for a safe and wise way how to manage personal finances. This is also one of our main aims – to provide a tool, real-time investment opportunities that are simple enough even for inexperienced investors, but also educates them on financial decision making.

What are the future plans of VIAINVEST?

We have recently expanded our portfolio with loans originated in Spain and are planning to shortly add other countries we originate loans in – Latvia, Poland, Sweden. We are also working on developing some additional features to make investment process even quicker and easier. These features will be announced soon, so follow our newsfeed on social media!
If we talk about technical improvements of VIAINVEST, we hope that further platform developments will be investor-inspired – we are always happy to receive any feedback from our clients and update VIAINVEST to boost investor experience.

How do you inspire VIAINVEST team?

VIAINVEST team consists of highly valued professionals that are creative and business-oriented at the same time. It is important to realize that employees are the most valuable asset of the company, so we try to create a friendly and cozy atmosphere at the workplace and provide each employee with all necessary tools so he or she can create the best outcome. Inspiration is a synergy between employer and employees that arises from working and achieving success together.

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