Meet the VIAINVEST team: Jūlija Sorokina, HR Specialist

Meet the VIAINVEST team: Jūlija Sorokina, HR Specialist

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Have you ever been on a job interview that leaves you super excited and really aiming to get the job? Sure, the position you have applied for is significant, but it is the person you meet on the interview that gives you the first insight into the culture of the company. Meet Jūlija Sorokina, our HR Specialist that takes care of building a strong and dedicated team!

How did you decide to join the fintech world?

To be honest, I have never thought about joining fintech, as I was previously focused on the entirely different field. The job offer hit me unexpectedly as a lot of things in and around fintech industry, and after I had met one of our managers I knew immediately that this is the company I want to be a part of!

What is the most exciting thing in your job?

Would it sound weird if I would say that I love absolutely everything about my job? I enjoy meeting people, getting to know them and see how they change and adapt to the work environment. Our management is very innovative and never stop generating new ideas, and that truly inspires everyone around them. I admire my colleagues – I believe that they are in the right place, happy and love what they do, so the growth of each of them and the whole team is inevitable. Every CEO and manager should practice trusting their employees and letting them be a part of the decision-making process; you will be surprised about what a dose of motivation it is!

What makes you happy outside the work?

Nature in Latvia is amazing – if you are living in Riga, you need only 20 minutes to drive into a complete wilderness. After a tiring work week, I truly enjoy being with my family and closest friends and finding peace near the sea. I can not imagine my life without sports and developing myself in every aspect, so I have challenged myself and continue HR studies.

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