Online Courses to Master Your Fintech Knowledge

Online Courses to Master Your Fintech Knowledge

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As the financial industry is in a phase of complete transformation with technology, all the professionals working in the sector, the aspiring Fintech entrepreneurs, or simply anyone willing to stay up to date with the development of financial services, should learn more about the revolution happening with financial technology. Here we have made an accurate selection of various fintech courses that are currently available.


  1. Said Business School (Oxford University) and GetSmarter: Oxford Fintech Programme

Study Method and Lenght: Online, 10 weeks

Cost: £2,500 (approx. €2,843)

Level: Intermediate


Built with the aim to give working knowledge of Fintech and to help students to identify new opportunities to innovate in the finance sector. It covers the following aspects divided in separate modules: a general intro to Fintech, structure and disruption in financial services, an overview of the of the tools for disruptors, insights into the future of money, the future of markets and the future of payments and marketplaces, as well as a summary of Regtech and infrastructure, Proptech and Real Estate, and the new frontiers of financial innovation.


  1. Singapore Management University (SMU): Certificate in FinTech & Innovation

Study Method and Lenght: In class, 3 days

Cost: SGD 3210 (approx. €2,018)

Level: Intermediate


Intermediate Fintech course specifically designed for IT professionals engaging in innovating work practices and process in financial institutions. The course gives the basis to understand how to evaluate new Fintech business models, design thinking, the design mindset and how it can be potentially used to create new value in the financial services sector, as well as an introduction about how to set up innovative efforts in established and fully regulated financial services institutions.


  1. Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE): Around Fintech in 8 Hours

Study Method and Lenght: Online, self-paced (max 6 months)

Cost: £299 (approx. €339)

Level: Foundation


The course is taught by four Fintech top experts and influencers, and designed in collaboration with twenty senior leaders working in the financial services industry. As a foundation course, it covers all the basic related to Fintech, as well as the main industry trends.


  1. University of Hong Kong (on EdX): Introduction to FinTech on EdX

Study Method and Lenght: Online, self-paced

Cost: Free (£76 if interested to get a verified certificate)

Level: Introductory


The course is presented as a way to learn from top international academics on topics associated with innovation, technology and regulation changing the finance industry. It covers all the key Fintech areas, including money, payments and alternative finance (eg. crowdfunding, P2P lending, etc.), the latest trends including Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, AI and Big Data, as well as topics related to security and Regtech.


  1. Copenhagen Business School (on Coursera): Fintech and the Transformation in Financial Services

Study Method and Lenght: Online, self-paced

Cost: Free (approx. €69 if interested to get a verified certificate)

Level: Beginner


Part of the Digital Transformation in Financial Services Specialization, this is an introductory course specifically on Fintech, covering the essentials area related to that, including money, payments, P2P lending, crowdfunding, and more in general the digital transformation of the financial services industry.


  1. Fintech School: FinTech Core 101

Study Method and Lenght: Online, self-paced

Cost: $82.80 (approx. €72)

Level: Beginner


This course is a brief but comprehensive introduction to Fintech covering the history of financial technology, the basic info and a presentation of the Fintech landscape and the segments that are composing it like, for example, P2P lending, crowdfunding, wealth management with the robo advisors, Insurtech, Blockchain and the cryptocurrencies, with an overview of the key actors and what’s needed to create new Fintech products and businesses.

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