Operational updates and monthly statistics: May 2024 edition

Operational updates and monthly statistics: May 2024 edition

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Amendments to the Investor Protection Law from the 1st of July

VIAINVEST is a member of the protection scheme, an important part of the additional safeguards the regulated environment provides our investors. The amendments to the Investor Protection Law, effective July 1, 2024, introduce several key changes to enhance investor protection. These include a new definition for joint investments, a cap on compensation at 20,000 EUR per investor regardless of the number of securities or investment accounts of the investor, and detailed compensation eligibility and payment procedures. The Bank of Latvia will oversee compliance, manage the investor protection system, and process compensation claims. Additionally, sanctions and administrative measures for non-compliance are clarified, and public information about applied sanctions will be available on the Bank’s website. These updates ensure a more secure and transparent investment environment in line with EU directives.

The deadline for completing the product suitability questionnaire has passed

In May 2023, we introduced the product suitability questionnaire, which is essential for assessing your investment knowledge and experience under MiFID II criteria. The one-year transition period ended on May 16, 2024.

We would like to thank everyone who completed the questionnaire promptly, which not only assists us in maintaining regulatory compliance by determining the suitability of our products for you but also allows you access to all of our services.

If you haven’t completed the questionnaire, your existing Auto-invests will be disabled. Additionally, you will be unable to set up new Auto-invests. We encourage you to complete this form as soon as possible to retain full access to our investment services.

New post in blog series – “Meet the team”

We’ve published the third blog of our “Meet the team behind VIAINVEST” series. This time, we asked Igors Prokofjevs, the Head of Marketing for VIA SMS Group, to tell us about his background in the industry, his main responsibilities, and what drives his team. Have a read through it, and look forward to the next ones.

A monthly summary of statistics:

Loans published – 10 600 562 EUR
Loans funded – 10 443 608 EUR
Interest paid to investors – 348 899 EUR
Interest rate up to – 13 %
Total client registrations – 39976


1)This is marketing communication, not investment advice or investment research. Investments involve certain risks and costs. Legal information about SIA “Viainvest” and its services is available here: https://viainvest.com/en/company/legal/. 2) This is a periodic fact sheet provided for informational purposes. Data sourced from our own internal records. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

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