Update on VIA SMS Group’s operations in Vietnam and the Philippines

Update on VIA SMS Group’s operations in Vietnam and the Philippines

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VIAINVEST is dedicated to ensuring our investors stay updated on any developments that could affect our operations. Today we have an update regarding VIA SMS Group’s and TWINO Group’s joint venture in Vietnam and the Philippines.

Suspension of operations in Vietnam by VAMO.vn

VIA SMS Group and TWINO Group are permanently ceasing operations in Vietnam in response to a new interpretation of local legislation by Vietnamese government authorities that impacts the entire non-bank lending sector in Vietnam. For detailed information on this subject, please read the full statement at viasmsgroup.com.

At the same time, we are pleased to inform our investors that the Vietnam business credit has been fully repaid on VIAINVEST.

Update on the Philippines operations

Following TWINO Group’s announcement of its exit from the Philippines business, we would like to reassure our investors that this will not impact the repayment of the Philippines business loans on VIAINVEST. Transparency and the reliability of the investments remain our main priorities, reflecting the trust our investors place in us.

Additionally, we’re pleased to share that all Asset-backed securities backed by the Philippines loans have been fully repaid.

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