VIAINVEST increases interest rates to 13%

VIAINVEST increases interest rates to 13%

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Autumn is known as harvest season, and VIAINVEST offers to join in a particularly profitable investment experience. We appreciate your continued trust, confidence, and loyalty. We believe this is an excellent time for new investments, with interest rates on all newly issued asset-backed securities now reaching 13%.

Despite the challenging economic environment, our loan originators have demonstrated exceptional performance, and VIAINVEST continues to offer new investment opportunities in financial instruments backed by consumer loans. VIA SMS Group has provided reliable and profitable investment opportunities for many years. Since 2016, investors have invested more than 350 million EUR in consumer and business loans through VIAINVEST.

We acknowledge that some of our recent platform updates fell short of expectations, and we will work hard to make the necessary improvements. We are confident that the decision to raise interest rates will be welcomed by investors, making investing in a regulated financial product even more beneficial.

Use auto-invest for the best investing performance.

Many of you already know that our auto-invest is the most efficient way to automate the investment process and grow capital.

Auto-invest allows you to create rules for automated investments. You can set up an auto-invest by logging into your account, going to the Invest page, and selecting Auto Invest. You can easily change your auto-invest settings at any time.

You can also diversify your investments by creating several auto-invest strategies by logging into your profile or registering and joining more than 30k investors.

Make a deposit and start earning.

To join the growing number of investors earning interest from the new and more secure type of investment on a licensed investment platform, top up your account by logging in and clicking the Deposit button.

We’d like to remind you that VIAINVEST accepts deposits at the Luminor Bank AS Latvian branch:

Credit institution: Luminor Bank AS Latvian branch
Beneficiary name: Viainvest Ltd.
Beneficiary bank account: LV09RIKO0002930337351
Payment details: Add funds to Investor account No. (available in your investor profile)

Make sure not to miss this opportunity, so you can get started building a brighter future today with VIAINVEST!

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