VIAINVEST lists new loan originator – Romanian

VIAINVEST lists new loan originator – Romanian

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These are probably one of the most anticipated news from us, and we are genuinely excited to announce that our loan originator circle is joined by another perspective consumer lender – Romanian is a daughter company of VIA SMS Group providing consumer lending services in Romania since 2018 and has gained a stable position within the Romanian consumer lending market. Currently, offers its customers an open-ended credit line up to 4000 RON with flexible repayment terms.

Loans issued by will be available for investments on VIAINVEST starting from March 16, 2020, and they will be listed in EUR with a new – 12% annual interest rate and secured with the Buyback Guarantee. When investing in loans, investors will be able to invest in loans issued by VIA SMS Group to its daughter company IFN VIACONTO MINICREDIT S.A operating under the brand name of in Romania. Repayments related to these investments will depend on the borrower’s payments; each loan issued by VIA SMS Group to will be pegged to a respective loan issued by to the final borrower. More detailed information on the legal structure is provided in the Business Loan Assignment Agreement (Romania).

Income earned from investments into Romanian loans will not be taxed on the platform, however, it remains the responsibility of each investor to deal with personal tax issues.

Make sure to adjust your auto-invest portfolio settings by selecting in the Loan originator field as well as setting 12% as the Maximum interest rate!

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