VIAINVEST Sets One Interest Rate for All Loan Originators

VIAINVEST Sets One Interest Rate for All Loan Originators

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VIAINVEST has announced changes affecting its interest rate policy by  introducing one interest rate to all loan originators set to 11% annually. This newly established interest rate will be applied to all loans published on the platform, starting from 13.06.2019. These changes will allow VIAINVEST to offer 2 times bigger loan portfolio with beneficial 11% annual interest rate, and will also raise average interest rate on the platform while making investment portfolio diversification easier.

All available loans that were listed on the platform before 13.06.2019 will remain available with the old interest rates until complete settlement. All earnings from investments in loans published before 13.06.2019 will be calculated according to the previous interest rates.

NB! Interest rate changes do not in any way impact VIAINVEST taxation policy.

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