A New Chapter of VAMO Philippines Development

A New Chapter of VAMO Philippines Development

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We wish to inform you that VIA SMS Group and Twino are renewing their collaboration. Leveraging the achievements of the previous partnership in Vietnam, both teams are prepared to integrate their expertise to enhance the development of the VAMO Philippines’ lending market.

To provide a retrospective context: Back in 2019, VIA SMS Group partnered with Twino to launch the consumer lending brand VAMO in Vietnam. JSC VIA SMS group and TWINO Ltd. established a joint venture on equal terms, with each entity holding a 50% stake in the business.

Drawing from this previous engagement, both entities are looking towards the Philippines’ lending sector with insights grounded in their prior experience and a positive outlook.

How does it affect VAINVEST investors?

The partnership landscape with VAMO.ph is undergoing some changes. Specifically, VAMO.ph new loans will no longer be available for listing on the VIAINVEST platform. Furthermore, an agreement has been finalised, ensuring that VAMO.ph, in its capacity as the loan originator, will redeem the previously issued asset-backed securities and guarantee a timely return of the invested capital.

As we move forward on this journey, our commitment remains unchanged: to constantly scout, evaluate, and present new opportunities in the financial world.

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