Operational updates: September 2023 edition

Operational updates: September 2023 edition

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Hey there, VIAINVEST community and investors!

We hope your journey with us has been profitable thus far. The passion and trust of our community contributed to our success, and we are excited to bring you more updates as we continue evolving our platform. So, without further delay, let’s begin with the most recent updates.

21 Million EUR in Asset-Backed Securities (ABS)

We’ve reached another significant milestone: our ABS portfolio now exceeds 21 million EUR. We will continue diversifying and strengthening our investment offers to provide you with secure and profitable investment opportunities.

‘Refer a Friend’ Campaign – Now Live!

Our much-anticipated ‘Refer a Friend’ campaign is now live. This is your opportunity to tell your friends about the advantages of investing with VIAINVEST and earn rewards for each successful referral. Let’s spread the word and grow our network of smart investors. Learn more about it here.

Update on VAMO.ph-backed securities

We would like to inform you that new securities backed by VAMO.ph loans are no longer listed on the VIAINVEST platform. We are constantly evaluating and optimizing our loan products to ensure that they reflect market trends and investor preferences. VAMO.ph, as the loan originator, will expedite the redemption of the previously issued asset-backed securities and ensure the timely return of invested capital. More information about the change is in our blog post.

Official VIAINVEST Telegram Channel

You can stay even more connected and informed now that we have our own Telegram channel. Join us there for the most recent VIAINVEST updates, news, and insights.

Join our Telegram channel!

Full Repayment of Cessions Backed by Polish, Romanian, and Czech Republic Loan Originators

We are pleased to announce that investments in loans via cession agreements originating in Poland, Romania, and the Czech Republic have been fully repaid. We value your confidence and will maintain transparency and accountability in all our activities.

That’s all for now! We are excited about the changes on the horizon and the opportunities that await as we approach the end of 2023. Your suggestions and feedback are important to us; they shape our vision and drive our progress. So keep them coming, and let’s continue on this growth path together.

Happy investing!

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