VIAINVEST performance in September

VIAINVEST performance in September

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Hello to our valued community!

As we usher in a new month, it’s time for a quick reflection on the key statistics from September.

Publication and Funding Dynamics

Loans Published: EUR 7,519,730

Loans Funded: EUR 7,196,618

To provide some perspective, out of the EUR 7,519,730 in loans we presented in September, our investors chose to fund a notable EUR 7,196,618. Additionally, our loan originators are actively working on sales, offering even more opportunities for investors to engage and potentially increase their earnings.

Investor Community

Total Registered Investors: 35,999

Our community is the backbone of our platform. In September alone, we welcomed numerous new members, bringing our total to 35,999 investor registrations. Furthermore, with our referral program in place, we’re optimistic that our community will continue to expand as members introduce new investors to our platform.

Average Interest and Interest paid to investors

Average Interest Rate: 13%

Interest paid to investors – 261 010 EUR

While the investment landscape keeps evolving, our asset-backed securities have maintained a steady average annual yield of 13%.

During September, the amount reached 261 010 EUR We’re delighted to introduce a new segment in our updates: monthly interest payouts to our investors. In September, a generous EUR 261,010 was shared among our investor community.

Wrapping up, the pulse of September signifies upward growth and great returns. Our goal is to be in harmony with both the market’s rhythm and our investors’ heartbeat.

Stay Invested! 🙌

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