A Selection of Newsletters for Fintech Enthusiasts

A Selection of Newsletters for Fintech Enthusiasts

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We all feel overwhelmed with all those pieces of information that we keep on receiving every day, don’t we? Endless Twitter and LinkedIn feeds, all those podcasts, some interviews, the funding news with new unicorns appearing everywhere, and so on. There’s a lot of great content that you can find, of course, but sometimes it becomes a bit too much to digest. That’s why subscribing to a couple of well-selected newsletters is still one of the best ways to keep up to date about the things that you are really interested in. Here we have listed top five fintech newsletters that we think are worth subscribing to.


1. Fintech Weekly

Covering the latest trends and developments in the finance and fintech business, as well as a selection of financial technology events that are happening around the globe.

This is one of the oldest fintech specific newsletters, curated by the Railslove team from Cologne in Germany. You can register to get their free weekly newsletter from here: https://www.fintechweekly.com/


2. CB Insights

Whatever CB Insights prepare is usually worth taking a look at. The quality of their fintech reports are definitely of the highest standard, that’s why we use their data a lot, e. g. when it comes to covering the latest stats and data on fintech investments. The newsletter is actually no exception. The topics brought up by CB Insights are not limited to financial technology, as they are covering the key trends in technology, venture capital, startups and “the industries of tomorrow”.  If interested to check their very popular newsletter – 548k subscribers and counting – here you have the link: https://www.cbinsights.com/newsletter


3. Holland Fintech

A network of financial technology companies and professionals – since 2014 it has established a platform to connect people and organizations in the finance value chain, opening up access to knowledge, investments and talents. So, you might probably think – but what if I am not too much into Dutch fintech? It doesn’t matter, because they have created a globally oriented newsletter that provides insight into fintech trends covering the latest news and researches, as well as funding rounds and events. Here’s your link to subscribe:  https://hollandfintech.com/newsletters/


4. Dealroom

Dealroom was established back in 2013 with the aim to bring business information systems to the 21st century. Also, in this case they are based in Amsterdam and they offer global data, although the focus is to provide quality data on European companies. Their newsletter is not just about fintech and it includes news on the latest developments in technology, startups and venture capital investments. To understand a specific market, you also have to be able to grasp the bigger picture! If you go to their blog https://blog.dealroom.co/, you’ll see a box where you can submit your email in order to request weekly insights and reporting prepared by them.


5. 11:FS

High quality consulting firm helping financial services clients in their digital transformation journeys. Well known fintech professionals such as Chris Skinner, Same Maule, David Brear and Jason Bates are part of it. Their newsletter is a curated collection of the latest content from their popular fintech, blockchain and insurtech podcasts, as well as their blog and events. If interested to register, here’s the link: https://11fs.com/newsletter


Have we missed any remarkable fintech newsletters that you love? It would be great to hear your suggestions!

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