How to Set Up Your Own Investment Filters

How to Set Up Your Own Investment Filters

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You may have noticed we have lots of loans available for investment on VIAINVEST. Currently, there are over 2500 to choose from so how do you make a decision?

You can set up your own filters for both manual investment (picking loans one by one) and our Auto Invest feature. Our minimum investment per loan is EUR 10 so you can spread your funds around into many loans.

Manual Investments in Primary Market

This screenshot below is your filtering screen after you have logged into your account.

How to Set Up Your Own Investment Filters

There are 2 markets listed here: Primary Market and Auto Invest. Today we are covering the Primary Market. This is the manual investment market and covers all of the loans available for investment. Once you set your filters, you can then select your loan choices one by one.

Right now, there are 5 filters you can implement to filter your loan choices:

  • Loan Originator
  • Interest Rate
  • Loan Amounts
  • Loan Terms
  • Amount for Investment

What the Filters Mean

The Loan Originator filter is a dropdown menu and the 2 current originators are companies owned by VIA SMS Group. The originators are and The .es and .cz show us which country they represent and in this case, it’s Spain and the Czech Republic. What’s important here is that you can limit which countries you choose to invest in by choosing the originator. You can also leave it blank and look at all the loans available in both countries that fit your other criteria.

The Interest Rate varies per country. We offer 11.2% for loans originated in Spain and 12% for loans originated in the Czech Republic. This filter means that you can choose a minimum or maximum interest rate that you want to earn from the rates we currently offer.

Loan Amounts mean you can filter for a minimum amount or up to the maximum of ~750 EUR in the Czech Republic and 600 EUR in Spain. If you only want to invest in very small loans then you set the maximum lower. If you want to buy a piece of a larger loan, then you can leave blank or set a high minimum amount. It’s entirely up to you.

Loan Terms are anything up to the maximum of 30 days. Set it wherever you like. All the loans on VIAINVEST are short term anyway but you might have a preference of trying to invest your money multiple times per month instead of just once if you invest in a 30-day loan.

The Amount for Investment is also an important item. You can set a minimum or maximum amount here.  This item tells you how much of the loan is left to invest in before the loan is fully funded. The last thing you want to do is invest in a loan that is fully funded and your money gets sent back to you to reinvest. That’s a waste of time.

With these small loan amounts and the Buyback Guarantee, you may decide you want to invest in an entire loan yourself. You could fund all of a EUR 100 loan yourself if you wanted or you can just keep spreading your EUR 10 around numerous loans and fund part of 10 loans for your same EUR 100.

For instance, just for fun, we looked at all 2500+ loans and filtered only for Amount for Investment. When we look only at loans that have at least EUR 150 left for investment, we are down to 1600 loans.

When we added Czech only loans through the Originator filter of only, we make some progress and we are down to ~650 loans. The more filters you add, the smaller your available loans will be.

Play around with these filters and see what kind of sample size you get. Our investor support team will be happy to answer your questions and help with any issues that may arise. Let us know if you need any help via e-mail: [email protected] of phone: +371 66102939!

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