Updates in the Investor Account dashboard

Updates in the Investor Account dashboard

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To help investors closely monitor transactions, current balance and future prospects in their Investor Account, we have recently modified existing indicators as well as added a new one.

If previously you were able to see the amount of paid interest under the Earnings to Date indicator, then now we have structured earned interest into two separate indicators. Now updated Investor Account dashboard will provide you the information about the Paid Interest – earned and paid out interest to date – and Accumulated Interest –  cumulative interest due and not yet paid. Accumulated Interest helps to calculate how much funds investor will have earned when the interest is paid out. These indicators are displayed both in % and EUR.

To make your account transactions more transparent, we have also updated Net Annual Return (NAR) indicator. Until now in the calculation of the NAR indicator only paid amount of interest was used, but updated version of NAR will provide an opportunity to see both the amount of interest paid and the total amount of earned interest (%).

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