Meet the team behind VIAINVEST: investor support department

Meet the team behind VIAINVEST: investor support department

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Meet the heart of VIAINVEST with our latest blog, featuring an interview with Investor Support Team Lead Irina Jakupova. Discover the dedication and strategy behind the scenes as Irina shares insights into the role of investor support, her journey with the company, and the approach that sets VIAINVEST apart in guiding investors’ journeys.

The philosophy behind excellence in investor support

The core philosophy of VIAINVEST’s Investor Support team is built on a blend of individuality and teamwork. Each team member has the autonomy to make decisions independently. However, this independence is complemented by a strong support network within the team. If there’s ever uncertainty, team members are encouraged to ask questions and seek a second opinion because it’s better to double-check than to correct mistakes later.

Additionally, we place great importance on regular meetings in the office. I insist on gathering in the office at least once a week to maintain face-to-face interactions and foster team spirit, allowing us to understand each other’s feelings truly.

From banking to fintech: Irina’s journey to VIAINVEST

Meet the team behind VIAINVEST: investor support department
Irina Jakupova, Head of the Investor Support department

Joining VIAINVEST has been an intriguing chapter in my career, unfolding almost by chance just under two years ago. My path was marked by a significant transition from a 16-year-long career in banking, where I served as a private banker. This role gave me a deep understanding of client relations. The banking strategies were different, involving more face-to-face interactions and frequent travel for meetings. Communicating with top-level clients presented a fascinating experience. Upon arriving at VIAINVEST, my background in customer service and a thorough knowledge of AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations equipped me well for this new role. I was used to the strict requirements in the traditional banking sector, so adjusting to the different paces and flexibility of VIAINVEST’s business model was a refreshing experience. I enjoy being at the intersection of client interaction and company processes, navigating the nuances of both. Truly, I find great satisfaction in what I do here at VIAINVEST.

Behind the scenes with investor support

Mondays at VIAINVEST’s Investor Support Team are more challenging due to a surge in payments needing processing and attention. There are weeks when, by coincidence, similar situations recur multiple times, giving the week a specific focus, such as “payment week” or “document week.” A typical day within our team is structured around specific responsibilities; Our investor Support Specialist handles AML documentation and client communications via chats and emails. Our Leading Investor Support Specialist takes charge of financial transactions, a role that carries significant responsibility. As mentioned, Mondays are particularly busy processing documents and payments accumulated over the weekend. My role involves overseeing the week’s tasks, including document processing and internal affairs. By Friday, we ensure that all routines are set for the weekend, maintaining preparedness for the week ahead.

Most frequently asked, FAQ’s

Investors commonly express concerns about their investments. Daily inquiries often involve practical matters like lost passwords or issues related to accessing the platform from outside the European Union.

Leading through challenges

One of my core beliefs in leading the Investor Support Team is that we cannot “eat an elephant in one bite”; instead, we tackle it piece by piece. When faced with challenges, we break these situations into manageable segments and delegate tasks across the team and management, prioritising accordingly. There are days when everything seems to demand immediate attention and others when tasks from yesterday still await completion. Maintaining a friendly atmosphere within our team is crucial, especially when navigating difficulties. Approaching challenges with a sense of humour lightens the mood and fosters a supportive team environment.

Guiding investors every step of the way

It may seem like a small detail, but these details matter greatly—when a client needs help completing the identity verification process, we sometimes contact them directly by phone. Our team dedicates time to guiding them step by step through the process, either over the phone or through email. We’re prepared to make calls, write detailed instructions, and even translate from multiple languages.

Feedback as a driver for innovation

Our clients are highly intelligent and well-informed, often providing feedback that shines a light on areas for improvement, such as gaps in information or technical issues like difficulties downloading files. We take this feedback seriously, ensuring it is communicated with our IT department for action. For instance, there’s currently a demand for two-factor authentication, and we’re actively working on implementing this feature. We also maintain a system that collects client inquiries, which we regularly present to management. This process ensures that client feedback directly informs our service enhancements.

The role of technology in enhancing support

Technology, particularly through the internet and our internal software systems, is pivotal in enhancing our support to VIAINVEST’s investors. Our IT team regularly updates these programs to meet users’ needs and the market’s demands.

The essence of team dynamics

The secret ingredient to our team’s dynamic is a balanced mix of mindfulness, attention to detail, and empathy. The ability to empathise with clients’ situations, coupled with multilingual communication skills, a cool head, a positive attitude, and the capacity not to take complaints personally, sets our team apart. A huge thank you to my team for embodying these values every day!

Guidance for new investors

For those embarking on their investment journey with VIAINVEST, my advice is to take a moment to sit down calmly, read everything thoroughly, and evaluate carefully. Start with the auto-invest feature to ease into the process. Feel free to contact our support team with any dislikes or issues. Our team is here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth start to your investment journey.

How to connect with support

For investors seeking to contact VIAINVEST’s Investor Support, the approach depends on the nature of their inquiry. Our chat feature is the most efficient route for quick questions requiring general responses. Make sure that you have registered the correct phone number for swift support through either support/info channels. For more detailed inquiries, sending an email is recommended. Within a day or two, investors can expect a comprehensive email reply addressing their questions directly.

That’s it for the first blog in our “Meet the Team” series. We hope you enjoyed it and learned something new.

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