Meet the VIAINVEST team: Jelena Antipova, Chief Technology Officer

Meet the VIAINVEST team: Jelena Antipova, Chief Technology Officer

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Does it take a man to rule the IT world? Not really. We do not believe in stereotypes; we are amazed by sharp minds and amazing personalities. Meet Jelena Antipova, a powerful woman with a clear vision on how to achieve success in the world of fintech. Jelena fills the position of Chief Technology Officer within the VIAINVEST and VIA SMS Group and leads the team of 20 skilled programmers and analysts to disrupt and revolutionize how traditional financial services are delivered.

Why do you decide to join the team?

I have been lucky to experience the full journey from joining the team as a System Analyst 6 years ago and growing into the CTO. This time gave me an amazing experience as well as the opportunity to observe how fast fintech companies are growing these days. VIA SMS Group never lacks opportunities and highly values employees who are willing to put effort into their professional growth. Now I can’t really imagine working for another company as the team has kind of become my second family.

What are the most amazing things about your job?

I think a lot of my colleagues can agree – it is incredible how ideas born and transform into real solutions. Here I do not only see it, but I also take part in this process, and it really pushes me to achieve new heights. As an IT professional, I like that this profession requires a certain order of things, but this order can only be achieved by being creative. I enjoy finding new solutions, optimizing processes and solving problems and fintech is the industry that never lacks creative challenges.

What makes you happy outside the work?

When I have had too much of IT for one day, I put my thoughts back in the order by sketching, painting and tailoring clothes. Playing tennis, traveling and spending time with my friends is an amazing energy booster and helps me to recover after a busy week at work.

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