Meet the VIAINVEST team: Jelena Bulmane, Product Development Manager

Meet the VIAINVEST team: Jelena Bulmane, Product Development Manager

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You couldn’t want VIAINVEST to be developed by even more experienced professional than Jelena – with more than 10 years experience in banking and consumer lending, Jelena is now leading VIAINVEST product development process as well as managing other significant business projects within the VIA SMS Group. Jelena is always making sure you get the most satisfying investment experience and that your suggestions make their way to our to-do list!

Why did you choose to shift from banking to the alternative finance sector?

I must say that working in bank eventually forces you to specialize in one particular field or process. Teams in banks are usually vast, and no matter how passionate you are, it is not possible to get an insight into all aspects of the project. In this sense, fintech companies are more flexible and operate in a highly dynamic business environment. In the most of the cases working within the fintech company brings the freedom to make decisions and act on your own. I think such environment encourages people to be proactive and innovative as you need to keep up with the fast-changing industry.

What is the most exciting thing in your job?

Working in a fintech company means you are always trendy and have unlimited opportunities to set the trend. Everything is in your hands, just go for it, be innovative and make your work day exciting! VIAINVEST team is very dedicated, there is no hidden competition, everyone is aware of themselves as highly valued professionals and this truly helps to focus on a common goal. I enjoy observing how projects are carried out – from just an idea to a real product that helps to solve problems.

What makes you happy outside the work?

My favorite “project” outside the work has always been my son – he brings so much joy and inspires me to be a better person. I think it is important to teach him what are real values in life and how to be happy despite anything.

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