Meet the VIAINVEST team: Valerija Paradnika, Investor Support Specialist

Meet the VIAINVEST team: Valerija Paradnika, Investor Support Specialist

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You were probably wondering who is this smart lady behind all calls and e-mails you receive from us. Meet Valerija – Investor Support Specialist, who is always willing to help you with any issues related to VIAINVEST. Before joining VIAINVEST team Valerija was Product Specialist within the consumer lending company Let’s find out what Valerija finds exciting about her job and why she thinks fintech will change the world!

Why did you choose to join VIAINVEST team?

I was working as a Product Specialist within for a while when VIA SMS Group launched VIAINVEST and asked me to join. This seemed a logical step and amazing opportunity to join the team of great talents in developing a peer-to-peer lending platform. Every day proves me that fintech world is more exciting when you can explore it as an insider! I love working directly with clients and solve problems – this surely makes daily work exciting!

What is your every morning routine?

I usually come to office 10 minutes earlier to enjoy a cup of tea and conversations with my colleagues. Actually, weekdays in our office is very lively – we really appreciate each contribution in building wonderful atmosphere, so we always remember to celebrate birthdays and other events.

What are your hobbies outside the work?

After 5 days in the office, there is nothing more relaxing than long walks in fresh air, and Latvia is certainly the best place where to enjoy nature and all four seasons at their best. I also find reading very relaxing; the last book I read and could definitely recommend to everyone interested in how the combination of alternative finance and start-ups is changing the world is The Fintech Book by Susanne Chishti.




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