Most Active Funds Investing in European Fintech

Most Active Funds Investing in European Fintech

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As fintech continues to expand, not just in Europe but all over the globe, so does the interest of investors and traditional financial actors. Money from major investors is heavily streaming to the fintech scene, thus contributing to the ongoing disruption in the sector of financial services. It might look like as if it was not that big of a deal, and yet this is already having a direct impact on a number of our daily money management related activities.

Here we have compiled a short list of six most active funds currently investing in European financial technology firms.


  1. Passion Capital

Passion Capital is a London based partnership of entrepreneurs and operators who are applying their experiences in helping founders and early-stage teams to build great digital technology companies. The partners of this investment fund are Stefan Glaenzer, Eileen Burbidge and Robert Dighero. They made a total of 106 investments, with the most recent one on October 31, when they participated in the £85M round raised by Monzo, the UK challenger bank who became the latest of the European fintech unicorns, with a valuation of £1.1 billion. Other fintech companies that they invested in include Ravelin, Duedil, Tide, Mashmallow, Burrow, GoCardless and Finimize.


  1. Speedinvest

Speedinvest is a Vienna-based venture capital fund with €200 million in asset under management. They provide up to €4 million for rounds of different size, from Pre-Seed to Series B, with a clear target on Europe and the emerging markets. It’s not just the capital what they provide but also the entrepreneurial know-how and operational experience to build and scale startups.

In Fintech, they are particularly looking for companies in these sectors: Payments, Alternative Lending, Investment Management & Capital Markets, Personal Finance, Insurance, Financial Management Solutions, Data, Infrastructure & Security. So far the Fintech companies where they invested in include Factris, Grandhood, Lemon Way, Cashpresso, Fincompare, ClauseMatch, Investly, Wefox, Payworks and Loot.


  1. Index Ventures

Index Ventures is a venture capital firm founded in Geneva in 1996 by Neil Rimer, Giuseppe Zocco, David Rimer, with its principal offices in London and San Francisco. One of the most important and largest VC in Europe with € 7.2 billion in asset under management, 160 active positions, with investments that go from €50 thousand to €50 million, from seed to late growth companies (eg. post-IPO). So far, some of the European Fintech firms where they invested in are Adyen, Argent Labs, bonify – Forteil GmbH, Credit Benchmark, MetroMile, Alan and Revolut.


  1. HV Holtzbrinck Ventures

HV Holtzbrinck Ventures is a Munich and Berlin-based venture capital firm active with investments in internet and technology companies throughout Europe. They have asset under management for about €1 billion, with the capacity to support businesses through all investment stages, with investments from € 500 thousand to €50 million. HV invested in more than 160 companies with BUX, Spotcap, Zeitgold, Upvest, Ottonova, Scalable and Exporo among the Fintech ones.


  1. Anthemis Group

Anthemis Group is a London-based venture investment and advisory firm with a clear focus on digital financial services companies. Founded in 2010 by Amy Nauiokas and Sean Park, it has about €150 million in asset under management, with investments for companies from seed to late-stage, and an average deal size that ranges from €2 million to €10 million. So far the Fintech companies where they invested in include Fluidly, Yulife, Hokodo, Monese, Tide, Truelayer, StratiFi and Azimo.


  1. Balderton Capital

Balderton Capital is a London headquartered, Series A-focused, venture capital firm, founded in 2000 as Benchmark Capital Europe. With €2.4 billion in asset under management they are one of the leading VC in Europe with the majority of investments in European early-stage technology firms with global ambitions. Balderton usually invests up to €20 million per deal, with a good amount of investments made in prominent European Fintech firms including Crowdcube, Zopa, Credit Benchmark, Cleo AI, Wonga, Revolut, Dinghy,, Luno Money and GoCardless.


The source of the data and information used in this post have been taken from Dealroom, PitchBook, Crunchbase and the websites of the venture capital firms mentioned.

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