Best Must-Read FinTech Books

Best Must-Read FinTech Books

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To manage this ever-changing and fast-paced financial system we now live in, it is essential to read up on the latest changes that impact all of us. We ventured and looked at all the recent fintech books that have come onto the scene, and in this post, we’ll look at some of the most popular picks.


1 | Inclusive FinTech: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and ICO (By David Lee Kuo Chuen and Linda Low) August 2018

Best Must-Read FinTech Books

Source: Amazon

This book tries to help give insight into the cryptocurrency sector and how this with blockchain technologies actually work. It helps the reader to get a stable perspective that explains the process in a simple clear manner, and therefore giving most uneducated reader a basic insight.

By reading this book, you are also exposed to and given good reasons as to why there are too many misconceptions that drive so much misinformation. With Bitcoin in particular making a lot of good and bad headlines, it’s hard to syphon out truth from hype, and here the authors aim to clear that up by sticking only to the facts.

This book is aimed at any demographic (young or old) and appeals to change their opinions toward digital currencies and the intricacies around it. It does this in a universal manner that is easy to digest. Well worth considering.


2 | Emotional Banking. Fixing Culture, Leveraging FinTech, and Transforming Retail Banks into Brands (By Duena Blomstrom) March 2018

Best Must-Read FinTech Books

Source: Palgrave

The author here tries to appeal to the traditional banking industry by laying out the facts about what is currently changing our way of financial transactions, investments, and future methods of creating multiple revenue streams for businesses.

It gives practical and evidence-based opinions on how things are changing physically, technologically, but also from a brand value point of view. It tries to help make sense of the humanity in banking and how traditional banks have to respond in different ways to remain sustainable and relevant.

If you are a banker or in any way linked to the banking industry, then this is the one for you. It also gives the FinTech investor some great insight and could add value in terms of avoiding the same reputational and or cultural deficiencies in our current systems that have failed the industry in the last few years.


3 | Digital Human: The Fourth Revolution of Humanity Includes Everyone (By Chris Skinner) March 2018

Best Must-Read FinTech Books

Source: Amazon

This is a book that gives careful consideration to how we as humans have evolved. It steadily takes you through how things were done in the beginning and how we went from bartering, up to fully automated trading that is global and incredibly fast.

It also gives you some scenarios of what the future could hold for us and how we need to rethink the way we want to invest and do business in the near future. Here you will get a clear introduction to all the technology that sits behind all of our present-day financial transaction capabilities as well as the ones that are busy coming onto the scene.

This is not a book aimed to make you feel warm and fuzzy. The content herein has a directed purpose to demonstrate that change has been constant and will continue to be. It gives great examples and introduces you to all the latest technologies along with all its applications.

It is meant to challenge your comfort zone so that you can start to gain some insight into how these changes might affect the way you need to invest, trade, and make a living. If you have a desire not to fall behind, then this is a read for you.


4 | A Guide to Financial Regulation for FinTech Entrepreneurs (By Stefan Loesch) June 2018

Best Must-Read FinTech Books

Source: Google Books

This book is aimed at the FinTech entrepreneur that wants to write a business plan or upskill themselves on the “how-to” of starting out. It also lists some possible pitfalls. Here you get a more advanced introduction to modern financial services as well as the various laws and regulations that govern it globally.

Its content is more over focused on Western Europe (Specifically European Union economies) and the United States. If you find yourself wanting to compete in these territories, then this is the book for you, as its methodology gives you all the rundown of what it is you need to know, do, and avoid.

If you want a fairly easy book to read on a complex and fast changing industry in the United States and European economies, then this is a good book to get a solid education. Laws of the land and hidden regulations often hit us when we least expect it, so it is essential to educate yourself and increase your likelihood of success.


5 | Bank 4.0: Banking Everywhere, Never at a Bank (By Brett King) August 2018

Best Must-Read FinTech Books

Source: Google Books

This book is all about seeing the future. Brett King is well known for his abilities to interpret an interesting perspective on the possibilities of the future. He helps the nomad financial investor out there to understand the paradigm shift that has taken place.

Here he reshapes the reader’s understanding of what it means to comprehend a sustainable future-orientated financial market and banking system that has morphed from the physical bank branch to a fully online and artificially conscious system that is complex, ever changing, and extremely competitive.

This is an exciting read, and a really good way to challenge and transform your thoughts and opinions about money as well as how you will invest and transact in the near future.


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