Operational updates and monthly statistics: January 2024

Operational updates and monthly statistics: January 2024

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We’re back to help you keep up with the latest developments and statistics for VIAINVEST in January.

Audited annual report released

VIA SMS Group has released the audited annual report for 2022 and has seen an increase in profits, which is good news for VIAINVEST and our investor community. Have a closer look at the report here.

Periodic statement on portfolio management

Periodic statements on portfolio management (Auto-invest) for Q4 2023 are now available to clients who use the service. To view it, go to the Statements page and click the My Reports button, which will open a new page with your generated reports. A notification icon will appear on the My Reports button if you have an unopened report.

Tax report

The tax report for 2023 is now ready and available for download. To access your report, please follow these steps:

  • Log in to your profile on our website.
  • Navigate to the ‘Statement’ page.
  • Locate the ‘Tax report’ dropdown menu and choose the year 2023.
  • Press the ‘Download PDF’ button to download the report.

Please note that income from cessions and asset-backed securities are provided in separate reports for your convenience. Additionally, if you received any bonus income in 2023, this information will be included in the asset-backed securities tax report.

Blog on Romania

While you’re here, check out our latest blog in our loan originator series. This time, we talked to Maksims Babašs, the country manager for VIACONTO.ro in Romania. Watch this space for the upcoming release later this month!

A monthly summary of statistics:

Loans published – 8 666 557 EUR
Loans funded – 8 533 086 EUR
Interest paid to investors – 312 791 EUR
Interest rate up to – 13 %
Total client registrations – 37761

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