Preparing for the future of finance: VIA SMS Group

Preparing for the future of finance: VIA SMS Group

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Thank you for reading our previous blogs about VIAINVEST’s loan originators. It’s time to wrap up this series with VIA SMS Group. We spoke with Eduards Lapkovskis, a VIA SMS Group Board member and Chairman of the Board at VIAINVEST, to learn more about our parent company’s history and plans.

The history of the VIA SMS Group

VIA SMS Group has been an innovator in fintech and alternative financial services in Europe and Asia-Pacific since its founding in 2009. The company has grown to operate in four countries and is well-known for its creative approach and commitment to providing easily accessible financial solutions. VIA SMS Group, headquartered in Riga, Latvia, continues to raise industry standards with a diverse product portfolio, including loan products and investment solutions such as VIAINVEST.

“In a time when getting financing from banks was a slow and often disappointing process, we started first VIA SMS Group company, VIA SMS LV, in Latvia with a clear goal,” says Eduards. “We wanted to make financing simple, fast, and accessible to everyone, particularly those who felt left behind by traditional banks. Our approach has always been simple: use technology to streamline the loan process and focus on what customers truly require. The name VIA SMS comes from our first solution, which was to receive financing in minutes by simply sending an SMS message. More companies under the unified brand were founded in the following years.”

People at VIA SMS Group

At VIA SMS Group, everyone finds themselves in a dynamic, collaborative environment that promotes well-being. Here are a few facts about the Group’s team:

  • There are more than 250 of us in total.
  • We participate in the Riga marathon.
  • Regardless of the weather, around 10% of VIA SMS Group employees cycle to work every day.
  • Our employees speak over 15 different languages.
  • Our Riga office has over 100 indoor plants.

“The team is at the heart of VIA SMS Group,” shares Eduards. “We’ve created a culture that promotes ongoing professional and personal development. We value and support our employees and want them to excel in their roles. We invest in their well-being and growth because we believe that a happy, empowered team is critical to our success. As we grow, we will continue to foster this culture of innovation, collaboration, and respect.”

Digital lending today and tomorrow

In 2022, VIA SMS Group closed the reporting period with a net turnover of EUR 38 355 653, which shows a 36% increase compared to the previous reporting period. The net loan portfolio for VIA SMS Group as of December 31, 2022, was EUR 26 619 243, which has increased by 6% compared to December 31, 2021. The Company’s consolidated financial result is a EUR 4 101 391 profit.

Following a strategic decision to discontinue lending operations in Poland due to legislative changes, VIA SMS Group is now focusing on expansion and consolidation in its stable and predictable markets, which include Latvia, Sweden, the Czech Republic, and Romania. This shift demonstrates the company’s commitment to maintaining the high quality of its portfolio while avoiding increased risk levels.

“Looking ahead, the future of digital lending is incredibly promising We’re on the verge of significant advancements that will further simplify and personalise the lending process. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will be critical for better evaluating and meeting customer needs. Our commitment is to provide solutions that are convenient and tailored to individual requirements. The goal is to make digital lending more intuitive, responsive, and available to a broader audience.”

VIA SMS Group and VIAINVEST – the perfect synergy

VIAINVEST is the only investment platform that allows you to invest directly in VIA SMS Group’s lending activities, giving it a unique position in the industry.

“When peer-to-peer (P2P) investments were still in their early stages, we decided to launch our own P2P investment platform,” notes Eduards. “This move was about more than just finding new business opportunities, it was also about maintaining control and efficiency. By creating our own platform, we could set our own rules, particularly regarding interest rates, and avoid the constraints imposed by third-party platforms. It allowed us to keep commission profits within the Group, which increased our financial independence. Furthermore, this decision increased the efficiency of transactions and information sharing between lenders and investors. Today, we can conclude that it was the bold decision that contributed significantly to our success.”

That’s it for this month’s blog! We hope you enjoyed it and learned more. Make sure to read the previous editions.

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