Operational updates and monthly statistics: November 2023 edition

Operational updates and monthly statistics: November 2023 edition

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We’re back with an overview of November’s developments.

New securities with attractive terms & rates

New securities have been added to our portfolio of asset-backed securities. These securities, meant to supplement our current offerings, have a 5-month maturity date and a 12% interest rate. The purpose of this update is to provide you with more options for diversification and the possibility of a quicker repayment. We advise anyone using custom Auto-invest portfolios to update their rate and term settings to take advantage of these new opportunities.

Update from Poland: strategic changes in VIA SMS PL’s business

VIA SMS Group has decided to end its lending activities in Poland after careful consideration and strategic review. A message from Wojciech Malek, country manager, VIA SMS PL:

“We have been at the forefront of digital lending in Poland for over a decade, continuously adapting to evolving regulations and market changes. The changes implemented in December 2022 have led to a gradual decrease in our operations. […]

As VIA SMS PL is financed through VIAINVEST ABS’s, the changes in law prohibit us from this financing model, preventing us from securitizing new loans for investment on the platform. We ceased this activity on October 31, 2023. Nevertheless, we remain committed to servicing funded loans and fulfilling our repayment obligations to VIAINVEST.”

This change will not affect loan originators’ commitments to investments. All scheduled repayments to investors will proceed as planned, with no changes to the agreed-upon terms.

VIA SMS PL was the first loan originator to fully repay cession investments, and its Asset-backed securities accounted for 3.5% of VIAINVEST’s portfolio.

Read the full announcement about VIA SMS PL.

A monthly summary of statistics:

Loans published – 8 485 796 EUR
Loans funded – 8 318 622 EUR
Interest paid to investors – 277 117 EUR.
Interest rates offered remained as high as 13%.
Client registrations reached 36834.

Thank you for your continued trust in VIAINVEST.

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