Please welcome our new Platform Lead!

Please welcome our new Platform Lead!

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VIAINVEST platform continues to develop and becomes a valuable asset in your diversified investment portfolio day by day. A key to this growth is an outstanding team that stands behind the product.

VIAINVEST brings the best effort to make sure that investors get a quality set of services. As every team needs a great leader, we are pleased to introduce you to the new Platform Lead – Valerija Klimenkova.

Valerija has been working in the VIA SMS Group and VIAINVEST team for 9 years. She knows the industry and platform back and forth, as she was a part of the team during the platform’s growth and many game-changing decisions. Some of our longtime investors might already be familiar with Valerija, as she had a significant role in the customer onboarding and support department improving. Valerija gained extensive knowledge over the years and developed along with VIAINVEST.

About her experience and new opportunity, Valerija says, “It’s unbelievable that I have been here for so many years already, time flies so fast. I really enjoy being here since this is a place with an interesting and motivating environment, where you can grow and learn new things all the time. Without any doubts, I accepted the new challenge within the Group because I am sure that my experience suits the role and the journey will be invaluable.”

This autumn, VIAINVEST received an IBF license. It opens up new opportunities for the platform and gives investors even more confidence in the ongoing processes. Valerija sees it as a starting point for the platform’s future plans. “VIAINVEST, with its wonderful team, achieved an important milestone, became a licensed platform. Our goal is to stay transparent and maintain a safe environment for investing. We are always doing our best to be on the same page with our investors. We also aim to ensure that investing with us brings a pleasant experience, certain advantages, and benefits to you – our customers. A new system where we issue asset-backed securities instead of claim rights awaits us. I believe these changes will give our investors even stronger certainty that VIAINVEST is a secure, reliable, and modern investment platform.”

During a challenging period of a global pandemic, it is crucial to remind ourselves of a healthy work-life balance. Valerija is confident that the key to long-term success is not only hard work but also a balance between professional performance and relaxation. “This time definitely made me rethink my life, its pace, and its values. It seems to me that the key to success is about having the flexibility to get things done in your work while still having time and energy to enjoy your personal life. For instance, to be there for family and pets (yeah, yeah, they also need time and care :D). I cannot say that I have achieved Zen, but I am definitely on the way to it. Even if this path will take years, the main thing is to understand what you are actually striving for”.

Just like you, the VIAINVEST team is determined and result-oriented. We will continue to ensure that investor questions and uncertainties are resolved. With Investor Advisor Jarlotte Quintero and Senior Investor Advisor Alvils Ermins Malinovskis, you are in great hands. Along with Valerija, VIAINVEST continues to set new achievements and make your investment experience even better.

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