The Best Fintech Reports of 2019

The Best Fintech Reports of 2019

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Fintech has not lost its momentum, and we can see it convincingly continuing its triumphal march further down the road with new startups, more investments and more concrete use cases. For those of you who are into fintech, we drew up a list of some of the best reports of 2019 covering the evolution of the financial technology market, published by some of the top companies whose names are very well known worldwide.


  1. CB Insights – Fintech Trends Report 2019

A great report providing in-depth analysis of the data and developments of the past year in financial technology. Various sections covering the evolution of the sector in terms of number of deals, the investments made in the market, newest unicorns and increasing value of various companies, and the new ecosystems growing across geographies outside the core markets. All this, while keeping an eye on what’s in store for 2019. If you want to dig more into the latest data, here you can also check their Global Fintech Report Q1 2019 that was published just recently.


  1. Business Insider Intelligence – The Fintech Ecosystem Report 2019

The BI Intelligence unit covers the latest fintech trends and technologies in their Fintech Ecosystem Report, which also includes rather detailed information about funding data and the regulatory development in Europe, United States and Asia, as well as the evolution of the various fintech segments over time, and the strategies that are being adopted by established financial institutions, in order to stay relevant in a fast changing scenario.


  1. Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance (CCAF) – ‘Shifting Paradigms’: The 4th European Alternative Finance Benchmarking Report

One of the most anticipated reports of the year covering the European online alternative finance market, a specific area of fintech including things like P2B and P2P Lending and Crowdfunding. It has been published by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) in partnership with the University of Agder in Norway, showing a market that have continued with its constant growth and development from the previous years. We covered this report it in more details here.


  1. KPMG – The Pulse of Fintech

This is a biannual global analysis showing key trends, investments and activities within the fintech sector covering the most active and important markets around the world. The last one was published by KPMG in February 2019, including stats and data from the second half of 2018.


  1. Mind the Bridge – Fintech M&A 2019

A report specifically focusing on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in fintech, which was published in partnership with Crunchbase. They analyzed 22,000 startup exits in the world and deals for a total worth of $1.2 trillion, and found that fintech is among the hottest industries with 200 deals over the last year alone and almost 900 deals ever since 2010.


  1. Financial Stability Board (FSB) – FinTech and market structure in financial services: Market developments and potential financial stability implications

You will find a different perspective here, this report provides analysis of fintech market, with its latest trends and developments in the financial system, whilst carefully considering potential implications for the financial stability, meaning that the entrance of the so-called BigTech in finance eventually lead to increased dependency on third-party data service providers with the use of cloud services.


  1. Robert Walters and Vacancy Soft – The UK Fintech Revolution

We decided to include this report, despite the fact that it only covers the UK. This report contains a few interesting takes on job vacancies and hiring activity, as it still remains the largest European fintech market and one of the biggest ones in the world, even with all the confusion and chaos coming from the Brexit over the past two years. According to this report, London has the second largest concentration of fintech companies after San Francisco, with an impressive 61% increase in job creation in fintech during the past few years with a 37% increase specifically in IT roles, with a 8% increase in salaries.


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