The Performance of VIAINVEST in July

The Performance of VIAINVEST in July

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Let’s take a look at VIAINVEST’s data from the previous month.

Publication and Funding Dynamics

Loans Published: EUR 6,744,286

Loans Funded: EUR 6,747,667

The amount of Asset-backed securities published increased in tandem with the activity of loan originators. In total, we published EUR 6,744,286 in securities backed by loans originated by our network. Our investors, on the other hand, invested EUR 6,747,667 in July.

Investor Community

Total Registered Investors: 35,071

Our community grew to an impressive 35,071 registered investors in July. Each investor has their own financial goals and aspirations, and we are committed to assisting them in achieving their objectives.

Average Interest and Deposits

Average Interest Rate: 13%

Average Deposit: EUR 3,567

The average annual interest rate on newly issued asset-backed securities remained stable at 13%, providing excellent investment opportunities to our investors.

The average deposit made by investors stood at EUR 3,567 in July.

The July figures highlight a consistent pattern of trust, growth, and competitive returns. These insights will shape strategies and initiatives in the future, ensuring that the platform remains aligned with investor needs and market dynamics.

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