TOP P2P Lending Bloggers You Should Follow

TOP P2P Lending Bloggers You Should Follow

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We have witnessed a tremendous growth of the P2P industry in Europe over the past few years, and naturally it has attracted much attention from financial experts, opinion leaders and bloggers. Bloggers are doing a valuable job trying to get a grasp on the ever-changing market of P2P lending, while presenting all this information to the ordinary people in a friendly and easy-to-understand manner.

These are some of the best P2P bloggers out there, if you’re willing to keep up-to-date with industry news and trends, and this is what they have written about VIAINVEST.


Passives Einkommen mit P2P Privatkrediten

This one might be particularly interesting for our German investors. The site Passives Einkommen mit P2P Privatkrediten is run by Lars Wrobbel, and he provides his audience with a comprehensive overview of various P2P platforms along with other useful information related to the topic.

Lars also happens to be a good friend of VIAINVEST, he’s seen our platform evolve ever since its beginnings, and he has visited us in our Riga office.

You will find his latest review of VIAINVEST, along with an interview with our platform lead Simona Lucatniece right  here.


Foro FinTech

Next up, we have something for our Spanish investor community.  Being one of the biggest financial forums in Spain, Foro FinTech is definitely the place to go, in order to find some practical information about various P2P platforms and tips for successful investing.

Here’s what Foro FinTech has to say about VIAINVEST.



Yet another high-quality source of information containing vast amount of P2P platform reviews, as well as latest industry news. Their beautiful webpage design makes the site a pleasure to visit, besides Explore P2P provides valuable insights that will help you in your P2P journey.

Of course, VIAINVEST has also managed to earn a spot on this blog, giving you an opportunity to read this insightful interview with our CEO Eduards Lapkovskis. Check it out here!


Bernhard Hummel

Now, let us introduce you to Bernhard. He is a vlogger from Austria, and his two YouTube channels offer a number of useful videos covering topics like investment advice, analysis and interviews with platform leads.

Bernhard has also paid a visit to us, at our Riga office. By the way, thanks to Bernhard you can now take a quick office tour at VIAINVEST with Simona here! In his YouTube channel you will also find in-depth interviews with Simona and our Head of Product Development Department Jelena Bulmane.


Claus Lehmann

Claus is certainly an opinion leader coming from Germany, and he is in charge of two different websites with P2P related content.

P2P-Kredite is a page meant for German P2P audience, but Claus hasn’t stopped there, which is why he created another page called P2P-Banking in English, providing helpful investment insights along with the latest market news. Make sure you check out both of these pages.


P2P Lending Sites

Another great resource for information about companies in the P2P industry is P2P Lending Sites. They have made a comparison site, which makes it easy for investors to find some of the best platforms on the market. So whether you are from the EU, the US or a completely different area, you will be able to find a platform that matches your criteria from their listings. You can see what P2P Lending Sites have to say about VIAINVEST here.



P2P Empire

P2P Empire is a P2P lending comparison website led by fintech enthusiasts and P2P investors. The team behind P2P Empire is providing in-depth reviews of European P2P platforms. The goal of P2P Empire is to increase transparency within the P2P lending space, which is why they also conduct a background check of the terms and conditions as well as of the platform’s management. Click here to see the results of their research about VIAINVEST. 


Other honorable mentions:


As you can see, finance is no longer something that’s intimidating to the ordinary people, it has become accessible to the masses thanks to rapid development of financial technology, which is why finance has never been more important. We strongly believe that these bloggers are helping us communicate the ideas and stories of finance, while rediscovering the humanity of this industry.


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