VIAINVEST Unveils a Fresh New Look

VIAINVEST Unveils a Fresh New Look

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As many of you may have already noticed, VIAINVEST has experienced some long-anticipated visual changes. Over the past few months, our design team has worked long and hard on giving VIAINVEST a fresh new look. As the saying goes, change is inevitable, and there is no industry more prone to change than fintech, isn’t it? So, we decided to embrace it in our special way.

VIAINVEST Unveils a Fresh New Look


Why limit ourselves with a new logo only? We wanted to go for all fresh everything to give our brand a modern and clean feeling while promoting the best qualities of the awesome and easy-to-use investment platform that we are. VIAINVEST has now obtained an updated visual identity highlighting the tight-knit and loyal community of this investment platform.


VIAINVEST Unveils a Fresh New Look


Moreover, to illustrate the open and accessible nature of investing that we get to witness daily, we brought a whole bunch of lovely characters onboard. Investing is no longer something done exclusively by Wall Street guys wearing fancy suits. In today’s reality, investing has become more accessible than ever. If you haven’t tried it yet, now’s the time.


VIAINVEST Unveils a Fresh New Look


Of course, the evolution of VIAINVEST doesn’t stop here, and both visually and technically, it is still work in progress. If you come across any glitches, you know where to find us.


Happy investing!

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