Why Investors Choose VIAINVEST

Why Investors Choose VIAINVEST

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Only a couple of days ago we were happy to share the wonderful news of having reached the significant milestone of 10,000 registered investors on our platform. After almost three years of hard work and dedication, we are thrilled to see that our tailor-made approach to every single one of our investors has paid off. We also take pride in the fact that we usually try to find time to meet our investors face-to-face when they express willingness to do so, and this was also the case with our long-term investor Alexandre* from the United Kingdom who came to our Riga office a short while ago. We had the opportunity to answer all his questions in person, thus showing that transparency is something that we tend to take very seriously. This is what Alex has to say about us.


“I have been investing with VIAINVEST for a few months now and asked them whether I could visit their office while on holiday in Riga. The Platform Lead herself, Simona Lucatniece welcomed me together with the support team even if it was a very busy time for them with the launch of their new refer-a-friend campaign.

She took time to answer to all my questions and gave me a good overview of their development plans. The team also listened carefully to my comments on Auto Invest and on the interface and seemed genuinely interested in improving my experience.

I also invest with other platforms but what I truly like with VIAINVEST is their combination of consistent and serious business approach and unique client focus. This is real and they could confirm all that in person. Note I was not offered any compensation for this feedback, I just think they’ve done well so far and it is an encouragement for them to continue the good work!”


We can’t stress this enough – one of our ultimate goals is to deliver seamless customer service, while keeping up with the expectations of our investor community. We’d like to encourage you to reach out to our team of Investor Advisors whenever you feel like doing it. Remember – there are no stupid questions and there is absolutely no limit on how many times you can ask a question, so feel free to take full advantage of our team, which is willing to walk the extra mile at all times.



*We are referring to this investor by his first name due to his personal wish not to reveal other personal details.

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