Personal Finance Blogs Worth Checking Out

Personal Finance Blogs Worth Checking Out

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When it comes to finances, it’s always good to get a second (or third, or fourth!) opinion on where you should be investing your money. If you’re seeking investment advice or want a fresh take on an investment opinion or decision, reading investment blogs can be extremely eye-opening.

There are a lot of investment blogs out there these days. In this post, we’ll look at some of the top favorites.


Financially Free

Financially Free details the life of thirty-nine-year-old Jørgen, a Danish father of three girls who has been making strides towards financial freedom since August 2015. Jørgen shares the three steps he’s taken to gain financial independence:

  • Simplifying his lifestyle
  • Earning as much money as possible
  • Investing the difference

What we love about this blog is how transparent Jørgen is as he openly discusses what does and does not work for him when it comes to his income, expenses, and investments. He primarily invests in both real estate and has invested in several P2P lending platforms.


Jean Galea

What we love about this Spanish father and entrepreneur personal finance blog is the wealth of information that can be found on it. While a lot of the content does focus on investments (the website specifically endorses the Iban Wallet, an online investment platform), the content explores other areas including tech, tennis, padel, and even sports physiology.

Galea is the host of the podcast, which is regularly updated with content about business, investing (primarily P2P and real estate), and whatever else he feels compelled to share with his listeners.


Revenue Land

Revenue Land focuses on DIY investment strategies that teach new investors how to successfully manage their investments while saving money in order to gain financial freedom through real estate crowd funding and P2P lending.

Revenue Land’s personal finance blog is regularly updated with well researched and thoughtful posts that are insightful and would give any investor good food-for-thought. Their content regularly challenges traditional forms of investing and makes strong points for choosing “alternative” investment opportunities.


Mustachian Post

The Mustachain Post is a regularly updated personal financial blog created and controlled by a Swiss couple in their twenties. Having two children, they have opted to adopt a more frugal lifestyle and are using investments as a way to help them gain financial independence by the time they reach forty years of age.

The posts in this blog focus on money management, budgeting, and investments. A lot of their content stresses the importance of a minimalist or essentialist lifestyle in order for their readership (and themselves) to be able to explore their many other passions and aspirations.


Marco Schwartz

Marco Schwartz is another well-known P2P investor who enjoys investing in P2P real estate platforms, P2P lending, and affiliate sites. Each month Schwartz publishes several blogs detailing his monthly results as well as updates to previous content so you know you’re getting the latest and greatest information.


Escaping to Freedom

Escaping to Freedom was created by Ricard, a young man from Barcelona who discovered his passion in investing after being fired from his job in 2014. Since the day he was let go, Ricard has never regretted his decision to earn money by growing his wealth.

Ricard focuses primarily on how to grow your capital through dividend income. His blog touches upon his own personal journey in earning more income while also imparting great advice to investors from all walks of life, including anyone from minimum wage earners to advanced investors. Our only complaint about Ricard’s blog is we wished he would post more often!


Cheesy Finance

Cheesy Finance is run by a Dutch couple who have one goal: to be financially “retired” by the time both hit their forty-fifth birthday. Coming from both a financial and engineering/construction background, the two have some experience in knowing how to make the most out of their current financial situation, which includes quitting their jobs and attempting to start their own business (they are incredibly candid about the trials and tribulations experienced throughout that recent ordeal).

The couple makes it clear that the blog isn’t intended to help people “discover” their investment opportunities. Instead they report their personal one-of-a-kind “Cheesy Index,” Savings Rate, dividend income, and other pertinent financial information.


The Poor Swiss

The Poor Swiss is run by a young couple who have one common goal: to be financially independent before hitting the big 5-0. They pride themselves on living frugally, saving over 50 percent of their income living their lives in Switzerland, and their blog offers a number of insightful posts as well as educational content that can mostly benefit beginner to novice investors save their hard-earned capital with tips on how to invest.


P2P Millionaire

As the name of the website suggests, this blog is focused largely on how to increase your capital through P2P investments. This website allows you to follow along with their personal monthly portfolio updates which includes new accounts, top-ups, expenses updates, and many helpful screen shots.

We love this blog because there is no sugar coating here. P2P Millionaire is honest about every investment and financial decision they make, serving as both great inspiration and education on how you should be investing your own hard-earned capital.


Ample Invest

Run by the mononymous blogger Lucas, this blog takes you for a deep dive into the world of alternative investments in Europe.

Heavily focused on peer-to-peer lending, digital banking, and cryptocurrencies, the blog aims to educate its readers on the pros and cons of these popular choices, thus helping them avoid the pitfalls and common errors of alternative investing.

While Ample Invest mostly reviews new investment types, the author behind this personal finance blog also takes his time to cover lesser known markets that are usually overlooked by other bloggers.



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