How to Set Up Your Own Investment Filters

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You may have noticed we have lots of loans available for investment on VIAINVEST. Currently, there are over 2500 to choose from so how do you make a decision?

You can set up your own filters for both manual investment (picking loans one by one) and our Auto Invest feature. Our minimum investment per loan is EUR 10 so you can spread your funds around into many loans. Continue reading How to Set Up Your Own Investment Filters

Invest It In: Viainvest opens p2p loans to investor lenders

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VIA SMS Group has been operating since 2009 and operates in 5 countries (Latvia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain) and it has issued more than 1 million loans. Through their platform, you can now participate in their business. appreciates the detail which VIAINVEST has answered our questions. We are sure that this in-depth interview will help you learn more about p2p investments and the specificities of VIAINVEST platform.

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Trends in European P2P Lending

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When it comes to P2P Lending in Europe, the dominant player is the UK, with by far the most platforms, most money invested and the clearest regulatory environment from their Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). While the UK is the biggest market and London the undisputed capital of P2P lending in Europe, the fastest growing region in Europe for alternative finance is in the Baltics. Continue reading Trends in European P2P Lending

Meet the VIAINVEST team: Eduards Lapkovskis, Member of the Board

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Not that long ago an idea of advanced multiproduct alternative finance company was only a vision in Eduard’s mind. Now, more than 7 years later he leads fast-growing alternative financial services provider VIA SMS Group currently operating in 5 countries and has recently launched completely different product from ones offered before – peer-to-peer lending platform VIAINVEST.

Why did you choose to enter peer-to-peer lending market?

We are stepping into the new era of fintech where competition and increasing customer demands require potential to change quick and offer innovative, even revolutionary products and services. We have always tried to provide more convenient alternatives to the traditional banking services and VIAINVEST in comparison with bank investment products is offering great benefits not only to experienced investors but also to each individual that is looking for a safe and wise way how to manage personal finances. This is also one of our main aims – to provide a tool, real-time investment opportunities that are simple enough even for inexperienced investors, but also educates them on financial decision making. Continue reading Meet the VIAINVEST team: Eduards Lapkovskis, Member of the Board

Meet VIAINVEST: Blending Traditional Finance with P2P Lending

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The Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are becoming a hotbed for European fintech companies. Latvia’s latest entrant in the P2P lending market is VIAINVEST. VIAINVEST has some great features and an easy website to navigate. Let’s check out a couple of the benefits they offer on their platform for you as an investor. Continue reading Meet VIAINVEST: Blending Traditional Finance with P2P Lending

VIAINVEST expands its portfolio to Spain

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VIAINVEST is keeping its promise to offer diversified investment portfolio – we are happy to announce that from now on our investors will be able to invest in short-term consumer loans in Spain originated by All recently added loans are secured with a Buyback Guarantee and offer investors 11,2% Net Annual Return.

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Looking for safe and profitable investments?

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We are sure that this is not the first time when you hear about peer-to-peer lending – the world is witnessing how fintech companies are leading the phenomenal shift from traditional banking products to easy-to-use and effective alternative financial services. VIAINVEST is a clear example of how investing has become easier than ever – we have built an accessible peer-to-peer lending platform that offers investors an opportunity to earn up to 12% annually by investing in short-term consumer loans originated across Europe. All loans listed on VIAINVEST are secured with a Buyback Guarantee, and we charge 0 for using the platform. Moreover, you have a full control over how much you want to invest, in which loan and how – either manually or with the auto-invest option. Continue reading Looking for safe and profitable investments?